Come a little closer

I would like to tell you a secret

but you have to promise that this stays between us.

Got it?

Alright, now you know.
In the halls I see stares,

smiles, frowns, blank faces

In their eyes I see hate,

acceptance, neutrality

Some push me,

some hug me,

some shrug their shoulders

concerned about more important things

But I told you not to tell

and you dishonored my trust

I though you were better, but

How wrong I was

Same old story, I suppose

My locker is no longer safe

pictures taped up, handwritten notes

Telling me that it's sick and wrong

to make the choices I've made

But it wasn't a choice for me

Still, I don't expect them to understand

they're just ignorant

You, however, had a choice

And you couldn't keep it in confidence

You unlocked Pandora's box

And I'm the one suffering the consequences

Time rolls on, the daily taunting is endured

The tears I've shed dry on my pillows

It's business as usual

It will always be this way

So it would seem

To have peace and harmony is an impossibly ridiculous dream

I think I can accept that

But I will never accept your betrayal

You will forever be a stain on the carpet,

a flaw

In my pride, in my heart, in my soul.

Because of you, I may never again be


But then I remember that Karma is a bitch

And someday, I'll see it caught up with you, look back on this

and laugh.