::I know I know. Y'all want me to stop writing poems and continue writing on my 'Jock Smarts', but I need to write this before I go nuts more so than usual. Please R&R. Gamista::


Here I am
At the Edge
Of my rope.

I can't go on
The pain is
Too much to bear

I need to
Let it all out
Before I go over the Edge

The Edge is
Looking so good
At this point

The Edge can
Take my pain away
And it will never let it back

The pain is swelling
The pain is excruciating
The pain is deathly ill

I can't get away
From the white searing pain
Caused by the Edge

I may hurt
Because of the Edge
But the Edge is the only thing

That can save
My skin and my life
Right now

::Sorry this may not make sense. I guess you can say it's a death story. I'm not really sure what it is, but please R&R. Gamista::