Welcome to "English Assignments 2.0", the second round of creative assignments for English class. Starting off with a sonnet... I believe I was the only one to use iambic pentameter. Anything that's NOT iambic pentameter has no right to call itself a sonnet!

Solo, duet, triplet, quartet, quintet,
Voice and instrumentals blend as one,
Soprano one and tenor say, "Well met,"
And basso sings the background for the fun.

When melody and harmony combine,
And swirling skirts meet up with tight-legg'd men,
Thusly unfolds a story so divine,
Ferdinand and Miranda play again.

Captivating and magical to hear,
Around us music winds and has its way,
At first it drifts far off and then comes near,
A special wond'rous way to end the day.

Sweeping voices rise the whole night long,
They make our spirits soar in joyous song.

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