This day is crap, like others galore

Everything's psycho than ever before

Bad luck was after me throughout the day

The first form was then I tripped over a tray

Earlier we had the 'TEST OF THE AGE'

I studied all night but learned the wrong page

I decided to skip class since I needed a break

I flunked the whole test that was half of my grade

I walked in a bridge to get some fresh air

But saw grunting lady and started to stare

She's carrying things by the way it looks

She took a small step but her whole load shook

Because I believe in compassion and love

I walked towards the lady to hold her stuff

She glared at me and thought I was a thief

She pulled her hand back and punched my teeth

I fell on my back on the concrete ground

And felt warm blood all over my frown

I thought I'd have to leave her soon

But first I have to nurse my wound

Just when I thought this couldn't get worse

The lady whacked me with her purse

I was on the verge of panic so I walked away

But saw a cop along the way

He pushed my down and chained my hands

And took my money in my pants

"A Lady called, Ms. Uraguff

She said you tried to steal her stuff

But she used self defense so you failed

But still you have to go to jail."

Holy Mary, light on a tree

When Mother hears about this she'll murder me

"LOOK!" I pointed, "A GANG IN A SHOP!"

The idiot turned, hah stupid cop.

It looks like time for me to go

So I jumped on a boat and rowed to and fro

Someone up there must hate me a lot

I bet he planned my death by getting shot

"Oh, well," I said as I rowed back to school

Which magically turned into a silver pool

The rest of the students were tiny fish

One of them was my best friend Trish

Who happens to be eating a worm

Because a guy was waving it and she couldn't turn

I spotted a silhouette what could it be

I looked up and noticed I was under the sea

From above me there was a shark

I was a fish! I'm doomed! Everything turned dark

Just when I was about to scream

I woke up from this it was all a dream

I stood from my bed and tripped on a tray

This is going to be a terrible day.