Chapter 1


I am not sure what this is, or why I wrote in, but maybe you will like it. It was just something that popped into my brain one night and ended up on paper.

Lying Awake

I am lying here tonight in my lonely and cold bed, thinking. What the future holds, I do not know. Is there that special someone, who will sweep me off my feet, out there waiting for me tonight?

Could he be near by or maybe far? Is he outside tonight waiting for me to answer his slight tapping at my bedroom window? He is in another country such as Europe playing croquet wearing those silly plaid pants.

Does he lie awake at night and think of me too? Do we know each other already and just simply have not realized our love for each other yet?

These are the thoughts going through my head tonight, but how do I put them aside, so I can get a peaceful night's sleep.

Even in my dreams, he is there, haunting and teasing my every thought. During the day, I find my mind drifting off into another realm, as if I am simply out to lunch if for only a moment or two.

Deep down inside I can feel something boiling. What is it? Can it be that silly thing called love, or does it go deeper than that?

Within my very soul, I can feel him there, probing into every inch slowly. He has peeled back the layers of wall I had built up.

Did I willing give over my heart to him, or was it stolen. Can I get it back at anytime, or is it his to keep for eternity.

Will he love me with everything he has for as long as we both live, or will he choose to stomp on my heart as others have done?

How can it be that someone I do not even know, is out there waiting for me, just as I am waiting for him?

Again, I lie here tormented by my thoughts, imprisoned by my memories, and worst of all fearful of the future.