Kiss me while I sleep

Barefoot she walks on that yellow brick road

Watching mem'ries play like movies of old

And how he sang to her with his guitar

Under the shade of the sparkling night star

She beckoned and raced him to that apple tree

Where they stole touches and kisses so sweet

That tree that held witness to love in the dark

That tree that held their vow's prints in its bark

Suddenly the sun comes and wakens the dame

With light that meant to her sorrow and pain

Her teardrop falls, as did the wilted rose

The tinkle of wind chimes follows her where she goes.

Salvation comes once again in her dreams

And as before carries her back through the years

Where nothing else mattered but her hand on his

And everything was soothed by one simple kiss

I shall return from the war do not fear

And he bent to kiss away all her tears.

Take care of the bloom I will come in time,

Surely you'll here me with all your chimes

She waited and waited held on to his words

Deaf to all else but the chimes that she heard

So she loathed the sun and the warmth that it brought

For sunlight held none of the love that she sought

Sunlight chased all traces of him

She blamed it for memories that had started to dim

She longed for the moon and the quiet it brought

She hears the chime louder, each time, she thought.

But the rose in her room seemed to wilt helplessly,

Same as the wind chimes she heard endlessly

Barefoot I walk in that yellow brick road

Watching memories play like movies of old

How he sang of all of the vows he would keep

Make me whole again, kiss me while I sleep.