Tainted Angel

Chapter one


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Lása rolled, finding that everything ached. Slowly opening his eyes he frowned when the room he was in wasn't familiar. Shifting he glanced around the room, his eyes stopping on Cruach. He watched the man for several minutes letting his mind catch up.

"Cruach?" Lása finally asked, his voice hoarse.

"You're awake," Cruach smiled leaning forward. "How are you feeling?"

"Um," Lása frowned taking an inventory of what he was feeling. "I am sore, and very confused. Is Hogorth um dead?"

"Yes he's dead," Cruach said softly. "You saved Moria, and Moria made sure you got the best of medical care here."

"We are still on earth?" he asked, turning to look out the window.

"Yes, you needed surgery, to fix something's," The man said softly. "Your doctor is very nice, she should be around in a little while."

"Oh," Lása said rolling to his side away from Cruach. Closing his eyes again, he tried not to think about what he had done. And what his punishment would be once he reach home. It wouldn't matter; he was not only tainted but also broken so death would be something he could look forward to.

Cruach watched the boy, seeing the pain in the boy's eyes. He wanted to reach out, to reassure Lása that everything would turn out. But he didn't dare, the boy shied away from everyone. Well except Hogorth, and that man wouldn't be harming the boy any longer.

He looked past the bruises and messy hair, seeing haunted sad purple silver eyes. Lása was slender and small like Moria, but Lása was severally underweight from the beatings. Closing his eyes Cruach took a deep breath, he had tried to make Hogorth see what he was doing to the boy, but the man didn't care. Had told him Lása was his mate and he would treat the boy any way he wanted.

"You're thinking awfully hard," Lása said. Cruach looked, seeing Lása was looking at him again. "I asked what is going to happen to me?"

"I'm not really sure," Cruach replied glancing up when the doctor came in. Lása turned to the woman when she entered, pulling back slightly he stared at her.

"I see you're awake," Dr. Whalen replied coming to stand beside the bed. Looking over at Cruach she smiled. "Why don't you let me have a moment with Lása alone? He can understand me right?"

"Yes I can," Lása replied. Cruach stood, leaving the room.

"Alright, I'm Dr. Whalen." She said sitting down gently on the side of the bed. "How are you feeling?"

"Confused, scared, sore." Lása replied seeing the doctor nod.

"We had to go in and repair your uterus," The doctor said looking at her charts. "Several of your organs are bruised, but it looks like they all are working fine."

Lása nodded, watching the woman.

"You're going to be here a while," She said. "We have to wait for the swelling to heal, and we might need to do a second surgery on your uterus."

"I want to go home," Lása said softly. Tears filled his eyes; he looked up at the woman.

"I'm sure you do sweetie, but you'll die before you ever reach Garent." Dr. Whalen replied. "I can't let you, and Moria wouldn't let me."

"Prince Moria?" Lása asked.

"Yes, he is making sure you're taken care of." She said. She watched him nod seeing, the boy drop his eyes. "The man that did this?"

"He's dead, I killed him." Lása sobbed. He turned a pale green, before looking at the doctor with huge eyes. "I'm going to be sick."

"Its okay," She said getting him a bedpan. She held him as he emptied the little bit in his stomach. Becoming worried when the vomiting didn't seem to stop. Reaching over the heaving boy, she hit the call button.


Cruach looked up as medical people rushed into Lása's room. Standing he wanted to rush into the room to find out what was wrong, but figured it would be best to stay out of their way. Pacing the hallway, he kept glancing at the doorway.

Dropping to a chair he buried his head into his hands. He wanted so much to assure Lása that everything was going to be okay, but he couldn't because he didn't know that himself. He wanted to gather the boy up and disappear among the stars.

He looked up when the doctor stepped out of the room. Pulling himself to his feet he waited for the woman to cross the hallway.

"He's okay, a slight infection has set in." Dr. Whalen said. "I've placed him on antibiotics, and in a day or two he'll be as good a new."

"Alright, can I see him?" Cruach asked, seeing the woman look at him.

"I was hoping to talk to you, in private?" She asked.

"Sure," Cruach replied following the woman. They sat down in her office, and the young Garent solider looked at her.

"I'm not sure how much your people plan to do with this," Dr. Whalen replied seeing the man raise an eyebrow at her. "I don't want to offend, Cruach, but Lása is emotional battered, badly."

"I must be honest with you doctor, but as for Lása's future I don't know what it is." Cruach replied. "As bad as it sounds Lása killed a high ranking official in our army."

"The man he killed would have killed Lása in time, he might have already if we don't get the swelling ruptures under control." Dr. Whalen shook her head. "And from what I heard, Lása saved prince Moria from death."

"He did," Cruach replied. "Listen, I would have done anything for Lása. I went to Hogorth, begged the man to leave the boy alone. That he was hurting Lása badly."

"Lása has a long road ahead of him," the doctor replied leaning back.

"I understand that, and I will be here beside him while he takes it," Cruach replied softly. He dropped his eyes from the woman again. "I am afraid that it might be a lost cause, he was mated to Hogorth for four years."

"And this was from the beginning?" the woman inquired. She watched the Garnet nod, before the man looked up and she met mournful dark purple eyes.

"I was there, at their bonding." Cruach replied. "It was brutal, I know sometimes it can be, I mean we pierce our mate's left nipples. But Hogorth took pleasure in causing Lása pain."

"And no one stopped him?" She asked.

"Stop him?" Cruach shook his head. "Things like that are between mates, we're a war planet. Hogorth wasn't out of place by what he did to Lása."

Dr. Whalen looked at the man. She was surprised, only because shit like that wasn't allowed here any longer. Not that it didn't happen, but domestic abuse victims held all the power now. "Wasn't there anyone he could go to?"

"Not if he wanted to keep breathing, along with the person who he went to." Cruach replied. "Listen, we are not cruel people, it was a given that life bearers are not to be harmed. What he did to Lása that night when the boy lost their son wasn't something I'll ever forget."

"You were there?" Dr. Whalen asked.

"I was, I carried him to Réalta as he bleed." Cruach replied softly taking a deep breath. "I'd really like to see him now."

"Of course," She said getting up to show him from her office. She watched the man go, before with a sigh turned back to her office. Walking over she dialed the Severson's videophone number.

"Hello?" Bradley Severson answered. He paused at seeing the doctor on the other side.

"Hello Bradley, is Moria in?" Dr. Whalen asked seeing the boy appeared on the screen a second later. "I need to talk to you about Lása's future."

"I am working on that," Moria replied softly. "The council has several things they are doing right now, and as soon as possible they will get back to me."

"Alright," the doctor nodded as the screen went black. Shaking her head she leaned back, sometimes she wished that Moria had never walked through her door. And then again, she was glad he did.


"Lása?" Cruach said softly entering the room. But he saw the boy was sleeping, and went to sit quietly beside the bed. Shifting slightly, Cruach leaned back his eyes scanning the boy's silent form. He watched the boy shift, and wished once again he could steal him away. "There is just so much I wish I could do."

"There isn't anything anyone can do," Lása answered as he opened his eyes. He was so tired, and really all he wanted to do was sleep. Yet his mind just couldn't shut down enough for sleep to come to him. "You should have let me die."

"I couldn't do that, and neither could Moria." Cruach replied softly.

"I will hang when we get back home," Lása replied closing his eyes again.

"You don't know that," Cruach shrugged. He watched as Lása looked at him, seeing the boy didn't believe him. "I'm on your side, and so is Prince Moria."

"It won't matter, once we reach home." Lása shifted, looking out the window. He felt tears fill his eyes again, knowing that the only reason he was being treated was so he was healthy enough to stand trial at home.

"I won't let them kill you, Lása, I'll help you disappear." Cruach said softly.

"I will," Lása rolled looking at the man next to him again. "Take what ever punishment they give me, it's what I deserve after all."

"That bastard almost killed you," Cruach yelled standing up. "Damn it, Lása he killed your son! You can not let him take your life too!"

Lása stared at him, before the boy turned and pulled the covers over himself. Cruach sat down; a sigh came from his lips as he realized what he had done. It wasn't working; he had not clue how to get through to the boy. Leaning back he closed his eyes. He was tired, more tired then he had ever been.

"I have nothing left, Cruach." Lása said a short time later. "He took everything from me, my home, my ability to give my mate a son, and my ability to care for anything."

"I want to help," Cruach whispered, after a few minutes when Lása didn't answer he figured the boy was either ignoring him or went back to sleep. Sighing softly, Cruach settled into the chair, figuring he could at least get some sleep.

Cruach woke with a start, jumping slightly only to see the nurse give him an apologetic look before she went back to checking Lása. He settled down again, closing his eyes. He only half listened to the nurse as the woman went about her work. It was before the nurse finished that Cruach fell back asleep.

When Cruach awoke again the room was flooded with sunlight, and Lása was sitting up in bed. He watched for several minutes as the boy picked at what he was eating. He turned when the doctor came in, seeing the woman looked at him before coming to stand at the end of Lása's bed.

"We have some test we need to run this morning," Dr. Whalen said softly. "Lása you need to eat."

"It is gross," The boy replied looking up.

"Alright," she said coming around to help the boy up. Getting him into a wheelchair she marked a few things on his chart. "Your nurse is going to take you down to X-ray, I'll be down shortly."

Lása nodded, looking up at the nurse before the woman pushed him from the room. Cruach watched them go, standing to stretch and work a few of the kinks out of his neck and back.

"We need to talk," Dr. Whalen said softly.

"About?" The man asked.

"You can't continue to sleep here," She said, seeing the man raise an eyebrow. "Listen I know a place where you can stay."

"Alright," Cruach replied following the doctor out of the room.

"I'm having Jim show you down there, the hospital is taking care of the bill right now." She replied leading the Garent out of the room.

"Okay," Cruach said. The doctor nodded to a man, and Cruach was slow to follow the man out. He looked around as they left the hospital, Cruach's eyes widened. He had seen very little of the earth city, and this was just amazing. After Jim checked him in, showed him to the room and pointed out a few other things he left.

Cruach looked around the room, he was tired and in need of a shower. Wondering around the room, Cruach found the bathroom. Taking a shower, the man sighed softly. This was not where he had seen himself, in fact if it hadn't been for Moria, he would be escorting Hogorth's body back to Garent.

Finishing his shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist and walking back into the main room dropped down onto the bed. He was only going to take a few minutes to rest his eyes, and then he would walk back to the hospital. Lása was safe here for the time being.


Lása shivered again. He still wished he had not been awake when they had done the test. Not that they hadn't tried to make it so it didn't hurt. But Lása found that even small movements hurt. He was back in his bed, and had been surprised not to find Cruach lurking someplace.

He sighed; he hated to be such a bitch to the man. Cruach had been nothing but kind to him, but Lása was scared and in pain. Maybe it had been the kindness, ever since he had been bonded to Hogorth Cruach had been there in the background. Helping him when he was too hurt to take care of himself. Taking him to Réalta when he lost his child, and almost died.

Tears slipped down Lása's face as he remembered the time that Hogorth, while shorter the Cruach by several inches had beaten the man. All because Cruach had objected to how he had treated Lása. He looked up, wiping the tears away when the doctor came in.

"Are you in pain?" She asked, and Lása found that he liked her kind voice.

"No I am fine," Lása replied struggling to sit up.

"Well your test are good and bad," Dr. Whalen replied sitting down in a chair next to the boy's bed. "We've seemed to repair most of the damage, although there is still some bleeding with your uterus. We plan on going back in to repair it, or I'll have to be removed."

"Alright," Lása said feeling the tears come to his eyes again. He started slightly when he felt the woman touch him. "I am tainted."

"No," Dr. Whalen said softly placing her clipboard down. Moving gently forward she wrapped the boy in her arms. "You are not responsible for what he did."

"You don't know my people," Lása said trying not to take comfort from her.

"I know Moria, and I've talked to Réalta, this…" She motioned to him. "Isn't something life givers are suppose to do, they are suppose to protect you."

"I use to be a dancer," Lása said quietly. "After the military training, my life bearer trained me as a dancer. There are not many of us on Garent."

"I bet you made a beautiful dancer," She said seeing the boy nod, Lása had a far away look in his eyes.

"Hogorth saw it, and it was that time he first beat me." Lása looked up at her. "He inflicted pain before, but that was the first time he beat me and sex didn't follow because he said I disgusted him. That I enjoyed seeing every man looking at me with lust."

"I'm sorry Lása," She said softly.

"He broke my hip, it was six months before I could walk again." Lása let the tears come, turning to place his back to the doctor. "He told me the next time I danced, he'd kill me."

Dr. Whalen shook her head. She hadn't seen a lot of abuse cases, but she had seen some. But this was the worst, and her heart ached for the young man. She waited in the room until she knew the boy was asleep. Making a few notes on the chart she left the room to see her other patients.

When Lása awoke he was groggy and felt sick. He knew after the test, and the fact he had an infection they had made him take some pills. But that shouldn't account for his groggy state. Reaching up to wipe sleep from his eyes, he was surprised when something poked at his hand.

"Lása," A warm hand closed over his aching one. "It's okay, they needed to put a needle into your hand."

"But…" Lása trailed off. Why did he feel so bad a little while ago he had felt fine? Struggling to get his eyes open, he met Cruach face. Seeing a very worried man.

"The infection got worse, they had to do another surgery on you." The man said not sure if Lása was, understanding him or not.

"I um…thirty," Lása muttered turning his face away. A small pitiful moan escaped him as it felt as if someone had ripped his insides out.

Cruach watched he wasn't sure what to do. Lása had been in surgery when he had finally returned having fallen asleep. But not the boy seemed to be dying before his very eyes. He reached over hitting the nurse button, and when the woman appeared he just looked at her.

"He was awake, but it seems like he's in so much pain." Cruach replied.

"I know, other then giving him something for the pain, there's not much else we can do but let him heal." The nurse replied. "He's going to be groggy and out of it for the next couple days."

"But he will be okay?" Cruach asked.

"Yes, maybe you should head back to your room and try to get some more rest?" She asked seeing him shake his head.

"I'm gonna stay here and just sit," Cruach replied, the nurse nodded and then after checking Lása's vitals she left the room. Cruach turned back to Lása, the boy was pale. The infection had snuck up on them; the doctors were still trying to figure the best way to treat the boy.


Dr. Whalen shook her head again. She looked over the test, and then up at the screen seeing that Réalta's face was grim. "I wasn't sure where the infection was coming from."

"Well, it make since." Réalta replied. "While they were in a less damaged part of our world, but with the damaged to his system and riding around the universe I can see this."

"If we can't find a series of antibiotics to combat this infection he will die," Dr. Whalen said. "With Moria he was healthy, and didn't have open wounds like Lása did."

"We don't have anything here that will help him," Réalta said softly. "We have been working so hard on fixing our planet, we've neglected things like this."

"I'll kept you informed, hopefully one of the calls I have in will turn out something." Dr. Whalen replied seeing the man nod. Turning to other reports she looked over them, seeing so far nothing was going to help. Setting the files down, she went back to her computer to work on finding a solution.

After several hours, and coming up with nothing she finally stood and stretched. She stopped by one of the expecting mother's room, before moving to Lása's. Inside she found Lása still sleeping and Cruach looking like he had been through the ringer.

"Morning," She said seeing the man straighten up.

"Maith maidin," The man said yawning. He saw the doctor raise an eyebrow at him, and he had to smile. He watched as the doctor reviewed the notes from the nurses, and then checked on Lása herself. "How is he?"

"Better, the fever is gone." Dr. Whalen replied. "It would seem his body is starting to fight the infection."

"That is good right?" Cruach asked standing.

"Well yes and no," Dr. Whalen said motioning the man into the hallway. When Cruach raised and eyebrow she continued. "The same thing happened to Moria, the impurities from your planet are being worked out of his body."

"But that is good?" Cruach wasn't sure what the problem was. "I mean, it means he's healthy and will get better."

"Well it mean that he may not be able to return to Garent, and the same thing is most likely happening to you." She said, seeing him look at her startled.

"Excuse me?" Cruach asked.

"Your system wont be able to take the re-adjustment to the radiation on your planet, once your system is clean you'll die shortly after you step foot on Garent." Dr. Whalen said, seeing the man walk over to a chair to sit down.

"Can you not stop this?" Cruach asked softly.

"We can't," She replied sitting down next to him. "We'd like to do a few test on you also."

"I don't see the need for that." Cruach replied looking at her. "There is nothing wrong with me."

"We'd just like to see, since we tested Lása the day he came in." She said watching the man. After a minute Cruach finally nodded, and got up to follow the doctor to her office. Sitting in a chair that she motioned him into he only half listened as she listed the test she wanted.

Cruach waited until she was done, and called in a tech to show him down to have the test done. Following the man, Cruach kept a calm face as they went through the test, and the x-rays. He was then walked back to Lása's room where he found the boy was laying on his side crying.

"Lása?" Cruach whispered coming to sit beside the boy.

"They said we might not get to go home," Lása cried, he looked up at the man. "I want to go home."

"It will fade Lása, the pain you feel, the emptiness, it will fade." Cruach replied his eyes widening when the boy bolted up.

"My soul is empty!" Lása yelled. "And these Earthlings tell me I can't go home!"

"Getting upset and yelling isn't going to change that," Dr. Whalen said entering the room. "I know you feel as if you lost everything right now guys, but we're doing all that we can."

"Just send me home, let cinniúint decide." Lása nearly begged the doctor.

At the doctor's confused looked Cruach decided to fill in the word. "Fate."

"Well," Dr. Whalen started. "Fate placed you in my care, and that's where you're gonna stay. Per Moria's orders until further notice."

"Excuse me?" Both Garent men asked Dr. Whalen looked up.

"Moria has contacted Garnet, and as of right now, you both are in his hands." She shrugged. "As for your test Cruach it's the same as Lása and Moria."

"Alright," Cruach said moving to sit down in a chair next to the boy bed.

"It's only been a week since Lása was admitted here, but its going to be at least another two weeks or longer before he's well enough to be allowed out." She said softly. "It will be okay for him to start getting up and walking around as soon as he feels up to it."

Cruach was watching Lása as the boy nodded. He heard the doctor leave, and with a sigh sat back. It really want fair to Lása but what was he going to do about it.

"We could go to Hodorth City," Lása said softly. "It's nice."

"Yes it is," Cruach replied softly. "Would you like to walk? Maybe for a little while?"

"Not right now, I'm kind of tired." Lása replied yawning as he lay back down. Within seconds he was asleep, and Cruach just shook his head.


Lása walked slowly, his left hip bothered him. It was stiff and sore, since he had been in bed for so long. He glanced at the man walking beside him. He knew that Cruach was trying to help, but so much sadness and anger lay in Lása's heart. He let his eyes scan the area they walked, he hadn't realized at first that they were in what the doctor called the maternity ward.

Just the thought of being surrounded by all the babies made Lása's heart ache all that more. They paused outside a large windowed room. His eyes scanning the small bundles sleeping inside. Laying a hand against the glass to steady himself he leaned his forehead against the glass simply ignoring the man beside him.

"Lása?" Cruach said when the boy stood still for five minutes.

"Just let me be," Lása replied pushing away from the glass. He glanced at Cruach before limping away knowing the man would follow him. Over the past two days, Lása had felt like he had acquired a dog, since Cruach followed him every where he went.

"You shouldn't over do it," Cruach replied softly getting another dirty look from the small life bearer.

"I am fine," Lása replied turning his attention away from the man again. Cruach had been in the background for so long, but only now was Lása becoming aware of the man's presence. The life giver scared him, he hated to admit it but Cruach stood for everything that had ever cause him pain.

"Lása," Cruach caught the boy as Lása missed a step. He felt the boy jerk, and try to twist away but only managed to hurt his hip more. Lása cried out, clinching his teeth as he was forced to hold onto Cruach to keep from hitting the floor. "Come on lets sit down."

"Is everything okay?" Both Garent men turned to look at the woman who had spoken. Lása jerked again, his eyes wide as he tried to move away from the woman. Lása moaned in pain again, and Cruach reached down picking the life bearer up and carrying him towards a chair.

"Everything is fine," Cruach replied as he set the boy gently down in a chair. He could see that Lása was still staring at the very pregnant woman.

"He doesn't look fine," The woman replied softly reaching out, surprised when Lása jerked away.

"Le do thoil," Lása whispered weakly. "Mé ba mhaith liom briosca do imigh."

"Ciúnas," Cruach whispered. He picked the boy back up, slowly moving back towards Lása's room. He was gentle as he placed Lása back into the bed. He pulled up the blanket seeing Lása was watching him. "What?"

"Nothing, I am tired and my hip really hurts," Lása shifted until he found a comfortable position to be laying in. After a short time, he finally sighed and let sleep claim him.

"Excuse me?" Cruach looked towards the doorway, seeing the woman from the hallway. "Is he okay?"

"Yes ma'am, he'll be fine," Cruach replied watching as she stepped into the room.

"Why is he here? On this floor?" She wondered her eyes scanning the boy again.

"Um, this is where the doctors placed him, his doctor is Dr. Whalen." Cruach replied. "Why do you ask?"

"Dr. Whalen is a OBGYN," The woman said seeing the confusion crossing the man's face. "She specializes in female reproduction and babies. Well why the babies are still inside."

"Alright, then that is why he is here, he has some medical problems that she is helping," Cruach said seeing the woman looked extremely surprised.

"You're not from around here, are you?" The woman asked her mind still going over what Lása had said. And the fact she had never heard the language before.

"No ma'am, we are from Garnet," Cruach replied seeing the woman nod again and then quietly leave the room. Cruach looked back at Lása.


Cruach looked up when the woman from earlier entered the room. In her hand was a large leafy plant, which she set by the window. Turning back to them she waddled over towards the bed. "Hey, I Marilynn."

Lása looked at the woman, then the hand she was holding out. "Lása."

"So," Marilynn said sitting down. "How are you feeling now? I know earlier you looked pretty rough."

"I am better," Lása replied glancing at Cruach. "This is Cruach."

"Hey," Marilynn nodded to the life giver, before turning back to Lása. "When I saw you earlier, it didn't even click that you are the boy they are talking about, I'm sorry I scared you."

"It is alright," Lása replied grinning as he started to relax. Something about the woman seemed relaxing; it was almost like when Réalta treated him. He nodded towards the planet. "What is that?"

"Oh, it's a Pothos," Marilynn smiled seeing the boy was still looking at the plant. "It's kind of plain, but pretty."

"It is, thank you." Lása replied grinning at the woman.

"How long will you be here, in the hospital?" Marilynn asked.

"They are not sure," Lása replied looking down at the bed, he could feel the heat rise in his face. "They don't know how long it will take to fix me."

"Lása," Cruach started. He hated to hear Lása talk about himself being broken or tainted. "Please, you are not broken."

Lása just shook his head, trying to tune out what the life giver was saying. How the man looked, and the soft emotions in his eyes. Turning back towards the woman, Lása looked at her. "When is your child due?"

"In another month, I've been having some complications." Marilynn replied shrugging slightly. "But this is the best hospital, and well Mr. Whalen is the best doctor."

Cruach watched as the two talked softly about this and that. He was worried, mostly because the life bearer was seemingly coming out of his shell. But didn't want the boy to fall back into the depression of the fact that he wouldn't ever be able to have children.

Then again, Cruach thought to himself. He would take Lása, and make the boy happy. He could live without children; all he would need is to know that the boy was happy. He started when the door to Lása's room opened and Moria walked in. Cruach stood his eyes wide.

"Your majesty," Cruach said bring the attention of the other two.

"Sit down Cruach, please." Moria said glancing behind him at Bradley who had come into the room. "Bradley could you maybe take Cruach down somewhere for a little while."

"Sure, Cruach?" Bradley said as the man stood. He wasn't sure if he wanted to leave Lása alone with Moria, seeing Moria's eyes were cold as they watched him.

"Now," Moria said and Cruach nodded leaving the room.

Lása watched Moria, seeing the Prince was also watching him. He couldn't really tell what the boy was thinking, or why the Prince was here.

"How are you feeling Lása?" Moria asked moving to sit beside the boy, he nodded towards the woman.

"I am fine," Lása replied seeing his prince watch him.

"Tell me the truth Lása," Moria said softly.

"I am still having trouble, but the outlook is good." Lása replied softly. "The second surgery went well, and the bleeding has stopped."

"Good," Moria said glancing at the woman again.

"Marilynn this is Prince Moria, Prince Moria this is Marilynn," Lása finally said.

"Ma'am," Moria said seeing her nod with a surprise look on her face. Turning back to Lása he reached out to take the other boy's hands. "I am sorry, for everything he put you through. I am sorry that Hoginus didn't stop him from making your parents bond you to him."

"I wanted it," Lása replied looking up. "I wanted to bond to Hogorth, I loved him for so long."

"I know, that's why this is so hard," Moria replied. "I don't even have a clue as to what you're going through."

"I had to, he was going to kill you." Lása felt tears fill his eyes, looking down as Moria squeezed his hand. "All the pain, and all the terror was just too much. When I heard him, I couldn't stop myself."

"I know, and I have talked extensively with the council," Moria said softly, Lása looked at the Prince, and could see by the look in his face that it was bad. More tears feel, before reaching over to wrap his hands tightly with Moria's.


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