Tainted angel

Chapter Nineteen

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"So what do we do about the ghost?" Lása asked while feeding his son.  They have finally let Calen come home, and once they had returned to their apartment, the ghost had come back with a vengeance.  And Lása didn't want to leave it there on earth for them to deal with.

"I'm not sure there is much we can do about him." Moria replied moving to set down the tray he was carrying.

"He upsets Calen." Lása said looking up at the other two life bearers. He looked up, smiling as he watched the two, they still didn't get along very well.  And if left alone too long, they would end up fighting.

"I've spoken with my fulaing, but he said there isn't much that can be done." Moria said handing out the tea that he had made.  "Since the man's body is no longer in existence, he's pretty much stuck here."

"I don't…"  Lása trailed off as Calen started to fidget.

"Stop worrying about it, I'll deal with Hogorth, he can't follow you back to Garnet." Moria said sitting down, he glance at Cyric, before looking back at Moria.

"I'd rather he not haunt the hospital." Lása said softly laying his son against his shoulder to burp the boy.

"I don't think he will; I figure he'll come back to my house." Moria replied shrugging slightly.

"Can't say that's good," Cyric said looking at them.  "can't be good for the child you're carrying or Blair for that reason."

"He only has the power that we give him, and I don't plan on giving him any." Moria replied softly shaking his head, getting up he walked back towards the kitchen.  "Cyric would you like something to eat?"

"Sure." Cyric said watching as Moria disappeared.  "Strawberries, please!"

"What are you putting in your tea?" Lása asked seeing the Reclaimer look up.

"It's blackcurrant." Cyric said shrugging as Moria came back out carrying food.  He grinned when the Garnet life bearer set the strawberries down in front of him.

"I like honey in mine." Moria said grinning as he nibbled at the carrots he had also brought from the kitchen.  Pouring a healthy amount of honey into his cup he looked up at them.  "So what's next?"

"Nothing that I can think of, except packing to go home." Lása said grinning.

"Are you excited about going home?" Moria asked shifting slightly.

"I am," Lása started, "I'm looking forward to teaching my class again."

"Are you going to start that right away?" Moria asked watching Cyric.  He grinned as the boy devoured the strawberries, and turning back to Lása saw that Lása was also watching Cyric.

"I will work slowly back into it, maybe only a few times a week." Lása said grinning.  "It's going to be hard getting back into that, I know Cruach will be back to being a guard, and training other guards, so it'll be hard at first."

"You'd be surprised at how fast you get back into the swing of things." Moria said shaking his head as he sipped at his tea.  This was the life bearer's bonding time.  Family as Lása had explained, and because Cruach and Torii, along with Bradley were out doing whatever constituted male bonding on his planet.

"Cyric, you and Torii, should come and visit." Lása said seeing the Reclaimer look up at him.

"Visit where?  Garnet?" Cyric asked frowning slightly.  "But I thought I wasn't safe there?"

"You wouldn't be staying long term, a couple days won't matter." Lása said seeing Cyric turn to Moria.

"And what about Torii's punishment and the not letting me keep the pregnancy?" Cyric asked softly his eyes boring into Moria's.

"If you recall," Moira started setting his tea down.  "I was being a bitch that day, figured it would get a rise out of you."

"You lied?" Cyric asked.

"Well no, not exactly.  I mean if things were the same way as when I first left Garnet, then they would execute both me and Torii, and would go after you with the intent to terminate the pregnancy." Moria explained.  "But with the new decree, they won't."

"Well that's nice to know." Cyric said dryly.

Lása shook his head, as he looked between the two expecting life bearers.  He figured it was going to be very interesting around here for the next several months.  With a small grin he turned back to his son, seeing the child had fallen asleep.


"You promise to keep in touch?" Cruach asked seeing Torii nod.

"Of course." Torii replied hugging his brother, before turning to Lása.  Hugging the boy, he looked down at the baby that Lása was holding.  "Take care of the little tyke."

"I will." Lása said grinning at him.  Looking over at Cyric he smiled at the boy, reaching out he pulled the reclaimer into a hug.  "Keep in touch."

"I will." Cyric said stepping back to wrap an arm around Torii's waist as his mate wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

"Take care Moria." Cruach said as Moria, Bradley, and Blair stepped forward.

"We'll be fine," Moria said hugging the couple before stepping back.  "Make sure to keep in touch, as we will."

Lása nodded before he knelt down, a smile on his face.  "Blair, I promise to send you lots of pictures of Calen, when I can okay?"

"Okay." Blair said reaching out to run one finger down the baby's cheek before leaning to kiss Calen's forehead.  "Bye muirnín."

After saying their goodbyes Cruach led his family onto the waiting ship.  It didn't take long for them to find their room, and Cruach went about setting up the crib for Calen.  He smiled as he watched his lover sit down in the rocking chair that the ships captain provided.

"This is a nice room." Lása said glancing around; he smiled as his attention returned back to his lover.  When Cruach was finished with the crib, Lása gently put Calen into it before moving towards the window.

"Are you excited about going home?" Cruach asked moving to wrap his arms around his lover's waist.

"I am." Lása whispered turning slightly, he looked up at Cruach.

"Come to bed, it's been a long day." Cruach grinned moving the boy towards the bed.  Shifting to strip Lása down to his boxer-briefs, he grinned.

"Cruach…" Lása started but smiled as he saw the man pull back to also strip down.  Drifting over he checked on his son, seeing the baby was sleeping peacefully.  Shaking his head, he turned to climb into the bed.  Their ship was leaving late, and they most likely would be asleep when it did.

"Baby?"  Cruach started as he slipped into the bed.  He smiled as Lása joined him, shifting to wrap his arms around his lover.  

Lása grinned, reaching out to touch Cruach's chest slowly letting his hand run over the defined muscles.  Leaning he let his mouth run over the warm skin pulling a loud moan from his mate.  Cruach reached up gently cupping the back of Lása's head.  Closing his eyes he wanted to groan as Lása's mouth closed over his nipple.

"Lása…" Cruach groaned again letting his fingers card through the boy's hair.  Reaching out with his free hand he ran his fingers over Lása's baby soft skin.

With a smile, the Garnet couple slowly stroked each other, never letting their passion flair.  After a while they dozed, still slowly stroking each other.  This is what they had missed, the time to just hold each other.


Lása looked up as he carried his son from the ship.  Cruach was beside him, the man still smiling.  He paused when he saw Réalta and Hoginus standing there, each with a smile on their face.  Moving towards them he stopped in front of Réalta seeing his king was looking down at the baby.

"Oh he's so precious." Réalta said reaching out to touch little Calen's cheek.

"Thank you." Lása grinned as they moved away from the docking area.  Slipping through the doors that opened to the building that they lived in, Lása took a deep breath, loving the smells of home.

"You look good." Réalta said leading the way.

"I feel good, but it's already been two months since I had Calen." Lása said as they continued on their way, only he stopped when he saw Eria.  "Eria."

"Welcome back." Eria said softly coming slightly closer, his eyes on the child.

"Lása!" Sneachta yelled running towards the small life bearer.  Lása smiled turning his attention away from Eria to reach out with one arm to hug the boy to him.

"Sneachta I've missed you."  Lása said smiling, they moved along again, and Lása saw that Eria had disappeared from the area.  Entering their apartment, Lása grinned as he looked around.

"Welcome home Cruach, Lása." Péarla said smiling.  "This is my mate Branán."

"It's nice to meet you." Cruach said stepping forward to shake the hand of the short life giver.

"It's nice to finally meet you and your mate." Branán replied shifting slightly.  "Congratulations on your son."

"Thank you." Lása sat down beside Sneachta where the boy was bouncing in his seat.  Uncovering the small bundle he tilted Calen to show the baby to Sneachta and Réalta.

"Oh he's beautiful, come look fulaing."  Sneachta grinned as Péarla came over to pick his son up and settle the boy on his lap.  The baby's dark purple eyes opened as Calen started to coo.  Small arms and legs kicked and thrashed, as the baby took in his surroundings.

"Can I hold him?" Réalta asked seeing Lása grin at him.

"Of course." Lása said handing the small child to his king.  He watched as Réalta cooed to the boy, and grinned as he looked over at his mate.

"I'll get tae." Cruach said moving towards the kitchen.

"I'll help." Branán replied following him.  Entering the kitchen Branán paused to watched the other life giver.  "Thank you, for the use of your apartment.  It was very helpful while they got our ready."

"You're welcome." Cruach replied moving around the room.


Lása stretched as he turned off lights, Cruach had already gone to bed.  But Lása had found out he couldn't sleep, he was wired about being home.  Moving to return things to the kitchen, he was surprised to hear a soft knock on his door, and walking back he opened the door.

"Eria?" Lása frowned. "What do you want?"

"I am, well," Eria fidgeted, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

"Cruach has already gone to bed, so whatever it is will have to wait." Lása said shifting to close the door.

"No, I need to speak with you, please?" Eria said softly.

"Fine, come in, but be quiet." Lása said shifting to let the other life bearer into the apartment.  Pulling his robe closer around him he waited to see what Eria wanted.

"I…um…" Eria trailed off his eyes scanning the apartment. "I just don't understand."

"Understand what?" Lása asked frowning again.

"It's just; Réalta has been talking to me about finding a mate, or at least to look for prospective mates.  But well I'm not sure I want a mate." Eria said softly shaking his head.

"Slow down, I don't see what the problem is, if you don't want a mate no one is going to make you bond." Lása said leading the way into the kitchen.

"Bromach has been trying to court me. Réalta thinks it's a good match, and Bromach is good with children." Eria said wringing his hands.

"Do you not want to mate?  At all, ever?" Lása asked frowning. He had been there, not wanting to mate, but then Cruach had the patients to show him love.

"I want sex," Eria muttered, "but I know I can't because I don't want to mate, and I don't want to get pregnant."

"You have nothing to fear, Réalta is one of the very best doctors." Lása replied seeing the young life bearer look at him.

"But you left." Eria stated dropping into a chair.

"Because I was high risk, and Réalta didn't have the technology to deal with it," Lása said sitting down across from him.  "You're healthy, and you haven't already lost one child."

"You lost a child?" Eria asked softly looking up.

"I did, and it almost killed me," Lása said softly. "My mate, Hogorth found out I was pregnant and beat me until I lost the child and almost bleed to death."

"And even knowing that you took the chance of continuing the pregnancy when you found out?" Eria asked shaking his head.

"It was worth it." Lása said softly standing, reaching out he snagged Eria's wrist and pulled the young man from the kitchen.  He was quiet as he entered his son's room, coming to stand by Calen's crib he nodded towards his son.

"I don't…" Eria trailed off, his eyes on the child as Calen moved slightly, the boy tiny mouth sucking.  Reaching down he picked up the little baby, turning to hand the child to Eria seeing the red haired life bearer shaking his head.

"You're as bad as Cyric, come on now, he doesn't bite." Lása said firmly placing the child in his arms.  "Look at him, and tell me it's not worth it."

"I um…" Eria started, but tears filled his eyes before they slipped down his pale cheeks.  After several minutes Eria handed the baby back and wiped the tears from his eyes.  "Thanks."

"You're welcome." Lása said placing his son back into the crib. He followed Eria out, the boy glancing at him again with a small watery smile before disappearing down the hallway. Lása shook his head, before heading back to the kitchen before entering his room.

Slipping off his robe, he climbed into bed snuggling against his mate. "Was that Eria I heard?"

"It was.  The boy is having a breakdown." Lása said snaking one arm over Cruach's chest.

"Oh?" Cruach asked wiggling until he had his lover laying half on him.

"He's afraid of getting pregnant, so he's resisting the man who's trying to court him." Lása yawned shifting to snuggle his face into his lover's neck.  Lása only vaguely heard Cruach's answer, because he found he was suddenly very tired.


Eria paused on his way back to the dorm he shared with other life bearers, and glancing around he almost groaned when he saw Bromach standing there.  "I'm off shift Bromach, what do you want?"

"I just figured I'd check in since my shift is starting." The man replied taking a couple steps towards him.

"Well you checked, good night." Eria said still watching the man.

"Eria," Bromach started but stopped when Eria gave him a look.  Holding his hand up, he waited until Eria sighed before he stepped closer. "Why won't you give me a chance?"

"I don't want a mate." Eria replied shaking his head.

"No but you want sex," Bromach stepped closer and Eria turned to the tall man.  Bromach was handsome, deep rich brown eyes, shoulder length Carmel color hair, and full lips.  But still Eria turned away, knowing that if he gave the man the chance, he could certainly give in.  "You have nothing to fear from me Eria, I would never hurt you."

"Not that I don't trust you, but I can't Bromach I'm sorry." Eria said slipping into the dorms.  Making his way to his small room he closed the door and sighed in relief.  He couldn't let himself fall; it just wasn't something he was willing to do.  It scared him silly.


Lása slipped back into the bed, another yawn coming to him.  He had just finished feeding Calen and had put the child back to bed.  Cuddling in, he grinned when Cruach muttered sleepily to him, but found that he slipped back to sleep easily.

He woke later to find Cruach watching him and sun shining through the window. Looking up he smiled at his mate, seeing the man smiled back.  "Good Morning, aingeal."

"It's been a while since you've called me that." Lása said grinning as he reached up.

"You have always been my aingeal, never forget that." Cruach said drawing the boy close. "Are you glad to be home?"

"I am," Lása said softly twisting slightly, "I hear Calen I'll go get him."

"Okay." Cruach said watching as Lása got up from the bed.  Leaning back down he grinned, his life was good.  He now knew where his brother was, and knew that Torii had a son on the way. And Cyric proved to be a very protective and good mate.

And he was home, with his beautiful loving mate, and with his beautiful son.  He would be starting back at work later in the week, and Lása was going back to dance.  The boy's purple eyes shine with happiness, not once in months had he seen fear in Lása's eyes.

He looked up as Lása came back in, pulling the blanket back he watched as the boy gracefully slipped back into the bed.  He took the bottle that Lása held out, watching as the boy settled the baby between them.

"Would you like to feed him?" Lása asked seeing the light in Cruach's eyes. He watched as the life giver nodded, and watched as Cruach began to feed the child.

"Am I doing it right?" Cruach asked glancing up from his son.

"You are doing it perfectly my love." Lása whispered scooting closer. Leaning against his lover Lása watched Cruach as the man feed their son.  "Everything is perfect."

This is the end of Lása and Cruach story.


Bromach walked into the office, not sure what else to tell Réalta.  But knew that his king would be disappointed that Eria was still fighting him.  "He's not giving in, even after seeing Lása home healthy with their child."

"He doesn't want Cruach." Réalta said turning to the man.

"Maybe, but he watches Cruach, he always trying to be closer to the man." Bromach said softly.

"Well then, maybe you should work at getting closer to the boy," Réalta replied shaking his head.  "but if he really doesn't want a mate, you can't force him."

"Okay." Bromach replied leaving the room.  He made his way back to the training room, pausing when he saw Cruach looking through reports.  "Sir."

"Oh hey." Cruach said glancing at the man.  Bromach watched as the man went back to the reports, this being the first time of seeing Cruach up close.  He could see Eria's attraction now, Cruach was very handsome.  Cruach had only been back for a couple days.  But still Bromach felt a horrible jealousy of the man.

He turned when he heard someone enter the room, his eyes widening at the life bearer that sailed into the room with a beautiful smile on his face.  Waist length antique copper hair shined around the pale features and silver purple eyes.

"I figured I'd find you here." The boy laughed, and Bromach watched as Cruach set the reports down.

"You and Calen were sleeping so peacefully, I didn't have the heart to wake you." Cruach said drawing the boy into his arms.

"Um…" The boy said, and Bromach realized that it was Cruach's mate.

"Lása, this is Bromach," Cruach said turning to the other life giver, "Bromach this is my mate Lása, and our son Calen."

"It's nice to finally meet you." Bromach said seeing the couple smile at him.

"You too," Lása said turning to his mate. "Come on, or we'll be late for dinner with Silín."

"Alright." Cruach said smiling, nodding to Bromach they left the room.  Bromach watched them go, before glancing around the training room again. He had taken over training while Cruach had been gone, had in fact been called to Hodorth City because the man was gone.  But now he didn't want to leave.

"Bromach, have you seeing Cruach? He wanted the rest of these reports." Eria asked pausing just inside the doorway.  Bromach turned, his eyes scanning the boy.  Eria's bright red hair hung to the boy's mid-back, and deep green eyes were watching him.

"He and his mate just left, they had a dinner date." Bromach said seeing Eria sigh as the boy came into the room.  He watched as Eria set the reports down on the desk. "Why?"

"I was hoping he'd spar with me, I'm still having trouble with the sword." Eria said turning to look at the man.

"I can help you with that," Bromach said seeing the boy watch him. "if you want."

"Sure." Eria said moving towards the weapons rack.  Picking up a sword, he turned back to Bromach watching as the man drew his own sword.  He waited until the man turned back to him, before holding the sword out in front of him.  His attention on Bromach, watching to see what the man's first move would be.

Bromach kept his eyes on the boy, seeing that Eria wasn't as graceful with the sword as he was with other weapons and even the hand to hand.  The second time Eria nearly tripped, Bromach danced back letting the boy get his bearings again.  It was rather fun to watch the boy struggle, and knew it was bad of him to think that.

"You're trying to hard, Eria, you have to let yourself feel the dance." Bromach said grinning when the boy shot him a dirty look.

They pared and thrust, and Eria tried his best he really did but the sword always felt heavy and awkward.  Bromach made suggestions, or at least he tried but saw the boy becoming increasingly agitated.  He could see the sweat that had broken out across the boy's pale skin.

After almost an hour of the dance, Bromach decided he was done and if Eria was not going to listen then he'd show the boy.  Twisting slightly he knocked the sword from Eria's hand, spinning slightly to smack the boy on his ass with the flat part of the sword.

He grinned as Eria shot him another dirty look. He laughed as the boy turned away, but stopped when Eria turned back to him.  He had very little warning before Eria attacked him, and his quick reflexes were the only thing that stopped him from being bashed in the head.  Shifting he smacked the boy in the ass again with his sword, pulling a rather undignified yelp from the young life bearer.

"You're a bastard." Eria hissed watching the life giver.  His entire body throbbed, and he wasn't sure what he should do.

"All you had to do was listen." Bromach replied putting the sword away.  He turned back to see Eria was watching him, the boy's breathing uneven.  He could see the boy coil for another attack and licked him lips in anticipation.  He was willing to do anything, to feel the boy against him again.

"Bastard!" Eria hissed again charging at the life giver.  Bromach braced himself, but Eria in his anger was strong and he felt himself hit the wall.  His head still spinning, he didn't duck the fist, and Eria managed to catch him in the side of his head.

"Fuck." He hissed low looking at the life bearer seeing that Eria's breathing was even more uneven. The boy's body just vibrated with energy.  Twisting he grabbed Eria around the waist and slammed him against the wall watching the breath get knocked out of him.

Growling low Eria launched himself at Bromach again, lashing out with everything he had. They tumbled to the ground, Eria getting in several good hits before Bromach pinned him to the ground.  Bromach twisted, reaching to grab the boy's wrist to keep Eria from hitting him.

"Stop it." Bromach hissed as Eria struggled against him.  But the boy kept struggling, and Bromach was afraid he would end up hurting Eria.  Shifting slightly he pressed down watching as Eria arched up, the boy's eyes closed.  He realized then that Eria wasn't trying to throw him off or even get away.  The boy was trying to rub against him.  "Are you trying to rub yourself off against me?"

Bromach's eyes widened as he realized that what he said made Eria rub against him all that harder. Leaning he pressed his mouth to the boy's ear, grinning as Eria groaned low and arched against him again.  "What are you thinking about baby, the hot wet side of skin on skin?"

Groaning again Eria closed his eyes and arched back as far as he could.  Bringing one leg up he shifted to press himself as close to the life giver as he could.  He couldn't help it, when Bromach talked like that it made his insides hot.  Tugging at his arms, he wanted to have freedom to touch the other man.

Bromach watched the boy, seeing the flush that spread against his face.  He could feel the heat coming off the life bearer, shifting he placed both of Eria's wrist in one hand.  Reaching down he found the edge of the boy's shirt to pull up slightly to find warm skin.

"Do you think about this when you touch yourself, Eria?" Bromach asked letting his tongue slip around the boy's ear.  He couldn't stop the grin as Eria's reaction spurred him on.

"Please…" Eria swallowed, pulling at his arms again.  He so wanted to touch him, wanted to run his hands over Bromach's skin. Wanted to feel the man touch him, and have the life giver do pleasurable things to him.

"Yes." Broach said shifting to press his lower groin against Eria's.  "Anything you want."

"Anything." Eria muttered tugging at his hands again.  Bromach let go, pulling back as Eria cupped his face between small graceful hands.  "Kiss me."

"Anything." Bromach said leaning to press his lips to Eria's feeling the boy wrap his arms around him.   Bromach groaned against the boy's sweet lips, knowing that this was it.  He had found his mate, he now knew beyond a doubt that Eria was his.

They writhed together, Bromach settling between Eria's legs as the young life bearer wrapped legs around his waist.  It didn't take long until Eria pulled back a cry escaping him. 

"Oh god." Eria muttered trying to twist away.

"Eria please…" Bromach slid his hand to the small of the boy's back.

"Let go, please let go." Eria said softly looking up at Bromach nearly getting lose in the man's eyes.

"I want you, I want to be your mate." Bromach said shifting to let the boy go.  He watched as Eria scooted away slightly, seeing the wet patch against the front of the boy's pants.

"I can't…" Eria muttered tears coming to his eyes.

"Eria," Bromach started seeing the boy shake his head.  He watched as Eria bolted from the room, and with a frustrated sigh pulled himself to his feet.

"That's not the way to winning him." Bromach jumped twisting around to see Lása standing there.  He felt a blush cross his face as the life bearer watched him.

"It just kind of happened." Bromach shrugged not sure what to tell the boy.  "I never meant it to go that far."

"But you let him go." Lása said moving further into the room.  He crossed to the desk slowly picking up the fans he had left there earlier in the day.  "With Eria he needs someone strong, needs someone to lay siege to his body.  He wants so much, but he's afraid."

"You're telling me to force him?" Bromach asked turning to look at the softly spoken life bearer.

"No I'm telling you to seduce him," Lása said turning to leave the room. Lása paused beside the door, turning back to look at him.  "Everyone keeps telling me he wants Cruach, yet all I see is someone fixating on a man who's safe.  Eria knows that Cruach is untouchable, and if he fixates, no one will want him."

"So what are you saying?" Bromach asked.

"Prove him wrong." Lása said leaving the room.  Bromach watched the doorway where the life bearer had disappeared out of.  A smile coming to his face, he could do that he could show Eria that he was wrong.


This is the end of Tainted Angel, thank you for reading.