Heavens Destiny

Chapter one


A/N: Okay, so here is the second story for Destin and Armand. I know several asked for it, and well I'm still a little unsure about how well this will turn out. As for this, I've pulled several characters from different stories and placed them in this along with the two main characters. Hope you all enjoy.

This story is dedicated to John, because he's such an inspiration. Thanks John for all your help.

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Destin rolled, stretching his hands above his head. A smile found his face, as he looked up at the ceiling in his room. He checked the alarm clock next to his bed and sighed softly. With a yawn he pulled himself out of his bed and headed to the shower. Once showered he then dressed and headed down to the sunny kitchen.

"Morning Maggie." Destin muttered thanking her for the coffee she was holding out.

"Morning sweetie." She said softly grinning at him.

"Armand call?" Destin asked reaching up to cover another yawn.

"Almost every hour, about ten minutes ago," she said seeing the boy drop down at the Center Island. She smiled at him softly before reaching out to pat his head. "He'll call again soon."

"He better." Destin muttered looking up at her. God he wanted his lover back. Armand had left three days before hand for an overseas merger of some sort. Leaving Destin to work on the plans for the wedding.

"Do you even know what time it is in Japan?" Margaret asked, seeing Destin look at her. She tried hard not to grin, but Destin was just so pathetic looking, the poor boy.

"Um…no, should I?" Destin asked glancing at the clock again. It was ten AM, and Destin glanced at Margaret again. "What are they like a couple of hours ahead of us?"

"Thirteen, it's the middle of the night there." Margaret offered shrugging slightly. She knew that Destin missed Armand horribly, but also knew the man would be home in no time. She watched the boy for a few more minutes before finally turning to go about her chores. "Don't you have plans for today?"

"Um, yeah I have to check in with Taylor, and then thought I'd stop by the Daily news." Destin said fishing an apple from the bowl on the counter.

"The Daily news?" Margaret asked seeing Destin just smile as he stood and left the kitchen.


"I don't know Taylor." Destin said looking at the outfit the man had him in.

"You look beautiful, just as every bride should." Taylor said grinning at the sour look that Destin was giving him.

"But it's so…white." Destin said returning Taylor's grin. "And should I really be wearing white?"

"Well, brides should wear white." Taylor said.

"I'm not a bride, Taylor." Destin said seeing the man look surprised.

"Sure you are sweetie." Taylor said, shaking his head slightly. "You're Armand's bride, be glad I'm not pushing you into a dress."

"Taylor." Destin said, grinning slightly. He turned his attention back to the outfit it was really spectacular.

"I'll embroider those roses along the shirt, and around the sleeve cuffs." Taylor said smiling as he watched the boy. "You really are beautiful."

Destin met the man's eyes, a smile finding his face. "Thanks Taylor."

"You're welcome." Taylor said smiling. Hearing a noise, he watched as Destin excused himself and headed back towards the dressing room.

"Hello?" Destin said answering his cell phone.

'Hello sweets.' Armand's voice came through the line. Destin felt a shiver run through his body at the sound of Armand's voice.

"I've missed you." Destin said. He smiled as Armand laughed slightly, looking up he met his gaze in the mirror.

'And I miss you, a lot.' Armand replied. 'Where are you?'

"Taylor's." Destin said hearing what sounded like a tired sigh from his lover. "And then I'm headed to see Jason."

'Good.' Armand said. 'I should go, it's late here. I just wanted to hear your voice before I went to bed.'

"Okay." Destin said sounding disappointed. "I love you, and miss you a lot."

'I love you too, sweets.' Armand said. 'And I miss you tons. Bye.'

Destin said his goodbye and then turning off his cell phone dropped it into his bag. Changing out of the outfit into his normal clothing, he took great care in hanging up the clothes he was wearing for his wedding. Walking out he handed it to Taylor seeing the man smile. "That was Armand?"

"Yeah." Destin said smiling. "He wanted to say goodnight."

"That's sweet." Taylor said smiling. Destin grinned, walking towards the door. He watched, as Michael smile as the man stood.

"Ready?" Michael said.

"Bye Taylor." Destin said heading out the door with Michael behind him. Getting into the car, he dug through his bag to find his book.

"Where to next?" Michael asked.

"The daily news." Destin replied only seemingly to be half listening. "I need to meet with Jason."

"Okay." Michael said falling quiet as he drove. Glancing over at Destin he saw the boy was making notes, and had to smile. He remembered what it was like when his wife planed they're wedding, and knew that Destin must be going nuts. As Michael pulled to a stop Destin looked up.

"Why don't you go, I'll call Gates later." Destin said seeing the man smile. "I know you need to get home, cause you're planing Cara's birthday."

"Thanks." Michael said as Destin got out of the car. Nodding the boy headed towards the office, walking in he stopped at the desk.

"I'm here to see Tabitha Glassine." Destin said grinning at the receptionist.

"And you are?" She asked.

"Destin Rarry." Destin smiled watching the woman's eyes widen slightly. Nodding the receptionist stood and disappeared into an office. After a second she came back out, to show him in.

"Mr. Rarry, it's a pleasure to see you." Tabitha said watching as the redhead sat down. Sitting down she smiled. "So what can I do for you?"

"I've been doing something thinking, Mrs. Glassine." Destin said. "Since you did the article on the landscaping and it was really good, I guess I figured that I would have you cover my wedding."

"Your wedding?" The woman asked. She smiled at the redhead, knowing that the rumors still ran that Destin and Armand were lovers.

"Yes, my wedding. I'm marrying Armand this June." He said watching her face go from shock to surprise to something else. After letting her stutter for a few minutes he finally smiled. "I know that article never confirmed that Armand and I were anything by friends and business associates, but now I can tell you that we are getting married."

"Oh." She said.

"I would like Jason Preston to be the reporter on this, he still works for you right?" Destin asked, seeing the woman nod as she picked up the phone.

"I'll call him in." She said taking a few minutes to pull herself under control as she called Jason. Setting the phone down she looked at the man across from her. Or boy, Destin Rarry looked no older then a sixteen-year-old boy.

"You wanted to see me?" Jason asked, his eyes widening slightly. "Destin, it's good to see you again."

"It's good to see you again also." Destin said watching as Jason took the other chair.

"Mr. Rarry would like you to cover his wedding." Tabitha said.

"Cool, you and he finally set a date?" Jason asked seeing the surprise that came to Tabitha's face.

"Yes, and you're the only reporter who is going to be allowed to attend." Destin replied standing. "Armand and I talked about it at great length, and have decided that this is what we want."

"Cool, let go talk about it." Jason said leading the way from the room. Destin followed glancing at the still shocked woman. "Man, I think you about gave her a heart attack."

"Yeah well, maybe next time Armand won't leave me alone to make all the plans." Destin muttered following Jason towards a cubical. "Shouldn't you be in school?"

"Break, that's why I'm here today." Jason replied stopping by his workstation. "It's lunch time, how about we head over to my place and get down what exactly you want?"

"Sure." Destin said following the man still.

"Your driver?" Jason asked as they made their way out of the newspaper building.

"I sent him home, I'll call Gates later." Destin replied falling into step with the man. "I hate to make Michael wait, it drives me nuts to see the man just sitting."

"You seem…better." Jason replied glancing at the small redhead. It had only been about four months since Val's attack.

"I have my days, although I tend to fret more with Armand gone, but this is his first trip since that happened." Destin replied as they walked. "And he's due back soon."

"That's good," Jason replied opening the door to his building. He knew that Vi would be home, most likely with a small study group.

"Um yum," Destin paused, looking at the man who had spoken.

"Mike please," Jason replied. He could see as Mike took a step that Destin paled slightly, and he needed to do something before Destin panicked.

"Jason?" Destin said softly, his green eyes wide.

"Mike, this is Destin Rarry a friend of mine." Jason said seeing Mike pause. There was something in Jason's tone that wasn't right.

"Hey," Mike said looking at the boy. All he saw was a pale boy, with big green eyes. And fear in those eyes, with a startled understanding he took a step back. Jason nodded, moving to open his door and usher Destin inside. He saw several of the people stopped and looked at them.

"Hey," Jason said nodding to Vi and the rest of the group as he ushered Destin towards the counter that separated the kitchen from the living room.

"Hey," Vi replied breaking away from the group to walk over. He slowly sat down beside Destin, seeing the redhead glance up at him.

"Hey Vi," Destin grinned, seeing the man smile back at him.

"I am going to be covering their wedding," Jason replied leaning across the counter towards Vi so the others wouldn't hear. Vi nodded, turning to go back to the group. Once they returned to what they were doing, Jason set a cup of coffee in front of Destin. "I'm sorry about Mike, he's um…well weird."

"It's okay," Destin shrugged. "Most people that I don't know scare me."

"Oh," Jason replied as they moved to the table. "So tell me exactly what you had planed?"

"Well it's not so much me, as it is Armand. He's worried, or concerned." Destin said taking a sip of his coffee. "He doesn't want this to turn out to be a media circus, but knows that with his position and power that it needs to be covered."

"Okay," Jason replied watching as the boy pulled out a notebook.

"He decided that well have one person from the press there, along with a photographer unless you'd rather use the pictures our professional takes." Destin said looking up as he found a page. "Armand has something you'll have to sign, along with Vi."

"Why Vi?" Jason asked wondering what the boy was looking for. Destin paused looking up at Jason before glancing over his shoulder at Vi.

"You'll bring him to the wedding right?" Destin asked softly seeing Jason nod. "Well Armand wanted to cover all his bases."

"Okay," Jason replied. "I guess then all we have to do is go over details?"

"Actually if you except," Destin said grinning as he finally found what he was looking for. Setting it in front of Jason he looked at the man. "Armand wants to have supper with you and Vi, go over the details then."

"Okay," Jason said looking at what the boy had placed in front of him

"You need to think about it, and talk to Vi about it," Destin said seeing Jason raise an eyebrow at him. He wasn't sure exactly the boy was getting at. Besides it was just a wedding, it wasn't as if they had killed anyone.

"Destin," Jason started only to have the boy hold up a hand stopping him.

"Armand is afraid that things that should be left in the past will get dragged up," Destin said. "I am far cured, in fact I still have panic attacks. He's trying to protect me, and focus on the happiness of the day and not what happened before it."

"Alright, after everyone left I'll sit down and talk to Vi," Jason replied picking up the papers Destin gave him and moving them into a file folder. Putting the whole thing into his office, he came back out to see Destin was watching the drama group. "You want me to give you a ride home?"

"No, I'll have to call Gates." Destin replied getting up and gathered his stuff. He pulled out his cell phone calling Gates to come and get him. They talked quietly for a while until the group broke up, leaving Vi and one other boy.

"Hey, Destin this is Tate, he's also part of the drama department," Vi said seeing Destin look at the other man.

"Hey," Destin replied shaking the man's hand.

"So what is that you do?" Tate asked knowing that Destin didn't go to the university with them.

"Landscaping mostly, I own a small landscaping company," Destin replied seeing Tate nod.

"If you consider the landscaping he does, is usually for the filthy rich, or the multimillion dollar corporations." Jason replied grinning.

"Okay, I admit, we do tend to landscape for the big companies," Destin shrugged slightly smiling. "I have a good crew."

"Looks like your ride his here," Jason replied nodding at the black limo that pulled into the parking lot.

"Wow, landscaping must bring in more then I thought," Tate said frowning. Destin smiled, shaking his head as the car pulled to a stop and Gates got out.

"I'll talk to you guys later," Destin said walking towards the car. He smiled at Gates before slipping into the limo. He pulled out a few things as the car turned towards home.


Armand checked his clock again, with another sigh he turned away trying to will himself to sleep. But he found that he was having trouble sleeping. He really needed to have Destin in his arms; he had found that out the first night that he had been in Japan.

Rolling again, he stared up at the ceiling of the room. Maybe he should call again, at least then he could hear his lover's voice before sleeping, or maybe even falling asleep listening to the boy's breathing. Reaching for his phone he dialed Destin's cell phone number hoping this time the boy would have the phone with him.

'Hello?' Armand heard a sleepy voice.

"Hello sweets," Armand whispered low hearing the low moan that escaped his lover.

'Armand,' Destin mummer. Armand closed his eyes, feeling calmer now that he could hear the boy's voice. 'So was there something I can do for you?'

"Nothing really," Armand said softly. "I just wanted to hear your voice, to see if I could sleep."

'You're not sleeping my angel?' Destin asked concerned and Armand could hear the rustle of cloth. 'Armand you are okay right?'

"I'm find, sweets, just hate being away from you," Armand said hating that he had worried the boy.

'Are you sure?' Destin asked.

"I'm fine, just tell me about your day, and don't be upset if I fall sleep." Armand replied hearing Destin laugh.

'Of course,' Destin replied as he started to tell Armand about his day. It was a short time later when both were yawning, and soon feel asleep.


Destin sat at the table, reading the paper as he ate his breakfast. He was still tired, but at least he felt so much better after talking with Armand the day before. Flipping the paper page, he was surprised to find an article on Vi's upcoming play.

"Maggie?" Destin asked looking up at the woman. "Who deals with tickets when Armand is gone?"

"Um, what kind of tickets?" Maggie asked walking over to peer over the boy's shoulder. "Oh wow, isn't that the kid you meet when you were doing to Rebecca inn?"

"Yeah, and his next play is at the Vandersand Theater." Destin replied looking up. "And I would like to see it with Armand, he should be back by then."

"Well he has a box there, and I'll call his secretary," Maggie said.

"No I'll call," Destin said picking up his coffee and the paper. He paused; looking at Maggie to see the woman was watching him. "Maybe I'll go over to the school, and see if there is anything I can do."

"If you want," Maggie said smiling.

"Okay, I know I've been a pest," Destin said grinning at the woman. "But right now there hasn't been a big need for landscaping."

"It's good to get involved in your community," Maggie replied seeing the boy grin again. "And it'll get you out from under my feet."

"Are you running him out of the house?" Gates asked coming into the kitchen.

"No, just ya know," Maggie shrugged. "He's been helping since Armand left."

"Ah," The man said grabbing a cup of coffee before sitting down beside where Destin was sitting.

"So will you take me to the university later?" Destin asked, seeing the man look at him.

"No," Gates said seeing Destin look at him surprised, the boy's mouth opened and closed without any sound coming out. "You're not suppose to ask Destin, you're suppose to tell me where you want to go."

"You're like a father to me, I don't demand, I ask." Destin said shaking his head. "Please?"

"Of course," Gates said smiling at the boy. They sat quietly for a while why Gates read part of the paper, and Destin finished his coffee. Afterwards, they headed out to the university where Destin was quiet as he entered the auditorium. Looking around he sat down about halfway down.

He watched the kids on the stage, not seeing Vi, but noticing several of the others from the time he was to Jason and Vi's apartment. Leaning back, he checked his watch before looking back up at the stage.

"Hey," Destin looked over seeing Tate standing beside him. "Are you looking for Vi?"

"I am," Destin said as Tate dropped into a seat next to him. "Is he around?"

"He's blowing off some steam," Tate said laughing softly.

"Oh?" Destin asked glancing over to see Tate was watching him.

"He tends to get cranky towards the play time," Tate said leaning back. "So what brings you out?"

"I saw the article, and wanted to know if there was anything I could help with," Destin said shrugging. "Maggie would rather have me out doing something other then helping her."

"Maggie?" Tate asked eyeing the boy again. Destin was pretty enough to be a girl, if you could get past the deeper voice, and no breast.

"Armand's housekeeper, sweetest women I ever met," Destin smiled. "But well I tend to be more of hindrance then a help, so she told me to go."

"Armand?" Tate asked hearing a small laugh escape the boy.

"My lover, Armand Riesel." Destin grinned looking over to see Tate was staring at him.

"You're, um you're Armand Riesel's lover? You're the redhead that's been in the paper?" Tate asked seeing Destin nod his head yes. "Wow, he's like um really rich."

"He is," Destin replied shaking his head. He looked up when Vi came back into the auditorium, he watched as the man scanned the area before coming towards him.

"Ah Destin, what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" Vi asked stopping next to him.

"Well, I was thinking that if there was anything I can do to help your play?" He asked, smiling at him. "Armand supports the arts, normally in New York, but I think he needs to move closer to home."

"Oh?" Vi smiled watching the redhead stand.

"Sure, I mean its not like he's dragged me to New York to see Broadway yet," Destin smiled shrugging. "It's the lest he could do."

"And he said this?" Vi asked.

"Well no, but I'm not worried." Destin said. "We already have seats at Vandersand Theater, so when he get back I'll let him know we're gonna see your play."

"Well there isn't really much you could do," Vi turned back towards the stage, a smile on his face. "Except your support being there."

"Cool, I can do that." Destin said as they walked towards the outside. "I'll also see about Armand making a donation towards the schools drama program."

"That would be nice," Vi said as they walked out of the school. Destin looked around, cringing slightly at the hordes of people. "You okay?"

"Fine, it was a long night," Destin replied looking up at him. "Armand is still in Japan, but he'll be home Friday morning."

"That's good," Vi replied as they stopped by Destin's limo.

"Okay then, well see you Friday." Destin replied turning back to Vi when the man touched his arm.

"There's a huge get together after the play, here are a couple tickets for it, come please." Vi said smiling at the boy. Destin nodded, thanking him for the tickets and slipping into the limo.


Destin walked across the grounds towards his crew. He knew that Corey and the rest had everything under control but needed to stop just to look himself. He nodded to several of the workers as he walked towards Corey. Pausing next to his foreman Destin scanned the area.

"Wow," Destin replied hearing Corey laugh.

"Yeah, your plans are really turning out," Corey replied glancing at him. "Come spring, this place is gonna be so nice."

"I'm glad we did it, this park would have been so sad to lose," Destin said looking out over the area again. The city was going to level the park and making it a parking lot. But with Armand's help, Destin and his crew had saved it.

"The playground equipment should be in next week," Corey said

"I can hardly wait, I can't believe how much has changed in the two days I missed," Destin shook his head. "What did you find out about building those bathrooms?"

"Dale Shoes," Corey said grinning. "He's donating materials and time to build them, the city is going to make sure the water and stuff is here."

"Great, when is the estimated time for the park to be finished?" Destin asked looking up at Corey.

"Two months at the most, hopefully done before Halloween." Corey replied seeing Destin nod.

"Cool, if the weather holds maybe we could set up a Halloween party here in the park," Destin replied smiling at the idea. "Maybe I could get Armand to dress up."

"I'd pay to see that," Corey said laughing at Destin's look.

"Hum, yeah it could definitely be fun," Destin smiled before turning to pitch in. He knew that his crew had most things under control, but Destin liked to do this work.

Later that night as Destin showered, the boy sighed feeling good. It had been a long hard day, but the work they had gotten down made Destin smile. Yawning, Destin finished his shower before climbing into bed.


Destin shifted from one foot to the next. He could see Gates was giving him amused look, and biting his bottom lip he had to smile. This waiting at the airport was driving him nuts. Armand's plain was late, by almost an hour. They were due at the Vandersand Theater in five hours.

The last time he had talked to Armand, he had mentioned the play. And Armand had agreed to go saying that he would be home early enough to catch a nap before they'd have to leave. Now they'd be lucky enough to make it back to the hotel with enough time to change.

"There he is," Gates said nodding towards the inner part of the airport. He laughed as Destin bounced upon seeing his lover. When Destin was about to rush to Armand, Gates grabbed the back of the boy's shirt. "Enough kiddo, knock him down in the airport and we'll never get out of here."

"But Gates," Destin whined trying to pull out of the driver's grasp. Turning Destin tried tugging at where the man was holding his shirt.

"Enough Sweets," Armand said tiredly seeing Destin turn back to him.

"Armand!" Destin grinned watching as his lover set his suitcases down. Hugging Armand close, Destin sighed finally having his lover back in his arms.

"What no hug for me?" Adam asked seeing Destin look at him.

"Nope," Destin grinned as Gates moved the luggage to the trunk. Destin followed Armand into the limo, snuggling into the man's side.

"I've missed you sweets," Armand said pulling the boy into his lap as he ignored Adam. He kissed his lover, trying not to moan at the feeling of Destin's mouth under his. Pulling apart, Armand leaned back keeping the boy close.

"We can skip the play," Destin said from where he was tucked under Armand's chin.

"No, we'll go." Armand said. "Just don't expect me to move much tomorrow."

"Okay," Destin said. "Angie is going to meet us at the hotel."

Armand nodded, looking over at Adam who was shaking his head while he tried to cover a yawn. They rode the rest of the way to the hotel in silence. Getting out Destin stood waiting as Armand gave instructions, before finally they headed into the hotel. He found that Adam broke away, moving to head into another room.

They rode up to the room in silence, Armand watched the boy. Entering the room, Armand headed towards the bathroom. He felt nasty, first the trip, then the plain ride. "They're gonna be bringing up my stuff sweets."

"Alright," Destin said watching as the door closed. Hearing a knock on the main door, he walked over to open it. He stepped aside letting the man push the luggage into the room. Giving the bellboy a tip, he closed the doorway and turned back to look at all they had brought up.

Walking over to where his stuff had been delivered earlier Destin pulled out what he had planed to wear for the play, and the party after. Stripping down, Destin walked over to grab his hairbrush. Pulling it through his hair he frowned slightly.

"Um, this is nice," Armand said walking into the bedroom. He was wearing only a towel and carrying a box. The box he handed to Destin, smiling at the boy. He watched as Destin walked over to the bed setting the box down to open it.

"Oh wow," Destin said pulling out the outfit that Armand had brought him. "Oh wow Armand, it's beautiful."

"I'm glad you like it, I saw it and thought of you," Armand said half-distracted since Destin was only in a pair of boxer briefs. He watched as Destin pulled out the rest of the outfit, seeing the grin as he started to pull on the clothing. With a smile, he walked over to dress knowing they would have to get going.

"So?" Destin asked looking at himself in the mirror. The shirt was in the Japanese style, a copper color, only the back was like made of stings with a butterfly in the middle of it. It hung to his thighs, the side split to his waist. The pants were black leather, the sides held together by laces.

"You look beautiful," Armand said seeing Destin smile. With another grin Armand walked over to hold up the necklace he had also brought the boy.

"Armand," Destin said looking up at his lover.

"I couldn't resist," Armand stated placing the diamond necklace around the boy's neck.

"I love you," Destin said standing up on tiptoes to wrap his arms around his lover's neck. Kissing Armand's mouth he groaned as the kiss deepened.

"Destin," Armand said pulling back. "We need to go, before we don't go at all."

"Okay," Destin replied licking his lower lip. They left the hotel, meeting Adam and Angie in the lobby. The trip to the Vandersand Theater was quiet, mostly small talk about what happened in Japan. They settled into the box, and Destin talked excitedly about the play, having read the reviews from the private showing.


Armand had to admit the play was really good. Vi and his group of actors really were very good. He smiled as Destin and Angie talked about how good the play was. He was a little surprised at the after party they were heading to. But Destin had stated it would only be a short time.

"We're here," Adam said as they got out of the limo. Armand grinned down at his lover, wrapping his arm around Destin's waist as they walked into the party. Armand looked around, surprised to see a lot of influential businessmen here with their wives.

"I want to say hi to Vi and Jason," Destin said as they moved towards the couple. "Wow, it was a great play."

"Thanks," Vi replied nodding to Armand. "I'm glad you made it."

They talked for a few more minutes before Armand and Destin moved away. They mingled with the other businessmen, and talked about the play. Destin was glad that Armand was there, and kept a hand on his waist. Although they got a couple of nasty looks, Destin didn't care.

"So Destin, I heard there was a park you were redoing?" A businessman of Armand's asked.

"Yeah, we're hoping to have it done by Halloween." Destin grinned. "And maybe have a party or something for the kids out there."

"Sounds like fun," the man said.

"It should be," Destin replied leaning slightly to rest against Armand. "Corey and my crew has been really working hard to get it finished, and Mr. Shoes is going to build bathrooms."

"It sounds very intriguing," Vi said seeing Destin smile at him. Destin's eyes strayed to Tate where the man was sitting across from them. Tate was watching him, and Destin felt a sudden uneasiness at the man's looks. Feeling Armand's arm wrap around his shoulder, knowing that Armand had felt him stiffen.

"So Jason, how is the journalism going?" Armand asked pinning a look to Tate before shifting his eyes to Jason.

"Good, I'm doing well," Jason said not missing the look. "All A's so far."

"You should apply for my companies journalism award, it would look very nice on your resume." Armand replied smiling slightly.

"I'll look into it," Jason replied. Watching as Armand gave Tate another cold evil look, and reaching over under the table nudge Tate. "So when did you get in?"

"About five hours ago," Armand replied, seeing Jason cringe slightly.

"Wow, that makes for a long day," Jason replied.

"Yes it does," Armand replied a smile barely touching his lips. "Excuse me."

They watched as Armand stood, leaving Destin sitting. Destin watched his lover walk towards some businessmen, before turning back to the group. He smiled, seeing Tate was watching him again.

"He seems in a mood," Jason remarked.

"He's always like that when we see him," Vi said grinning when Destin smiled.

"He's tired, this transaction was hard on him, and he still hasn't been home yet," Destin replied propping both elbows up on the table.

"So no hanky-panky yet," Jason laughed when Destin turned red.

"Jason!" Vi hissed, but couldn't help the laugh that escaped him. Destin just shook his head, feeling a fidgety feeling closing in on him. Destin glanced around, his eyes searching and finding Armand. He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Armand left you alone?" Angie asked sitting down next to him.

"Yeah," Destin grinned, leaning against Armand's sister. It wasn't too much longer until Armand had decided that he had enough and collected his lover to leave.


Darkladyknight's Preview: More plans as Destin and Armand move towards the big day.