8/1/2005 C.E.

This goddamned unhappiness godes my ire

It makes me think what the hell did I do?

I know it's not me, but the other guy this time- curse his hands till they rot

And curse me for being the nice guy who can't say no-

I have to do something.

Twenty days I've been here now longer than the other place.

That place isn't better nor is this place; how they both stink and plague my family

To new heights of despair.

Is it the air?

Most certainly.

Is it the people and how I am becoming racist more and more as every misplaced eye

Or understanding rears up?

This is not a natural part of my life; it is now so much of a burden that I am destroying my mind while this hell destroys my body.

Can I go another twenty before it takes my soul?