A/N: Not much I can say about this one. Sometimes people tell me I'm lucky I haven'tloved anyone 'cause I don't know what I'm missing. But I do wonder sometimes...anyways, R&R me, I'll R&R you. Keep writing. L8a loves.


...To FaLL in LoVE 10-11-05

Walking outside in the cold sunshine
Two people sitting on the steps
Holding hands, just sitting there
Their only place to be is just to be nowhere
In that perfect spot where time slows down
Right where they had that first kiss
That moment of completely spontaneous bliss
And I watch, from afar, smiling at the two
They're so happy, so sweet, they never seem blue
My eyes on them, I can't help but watch
As they lean into each other, warming to the touch
A smile on their face and their hair blowing in the wind...
Could that ever me be? Just for a moment...
I sigh and wonder if it'll ever be me
That someone else's eyes would light up to see
Will I end up sitting in that same exact spot?
Will my stomach be tied in that predictable knot?
Sometimes I'm so confused about love
No matter how much I have, it's never enough
And these two seem so full, ready to burst
Love is slowly becoming my only thirst
I'd addicted to the idea of what I've never had...
And nobody knows-I want it so bad
I look on and brush my hair from my face
Will it ever be me in that warm embrace?
People say I'm better off without
And I've argued that side before,myself
But looking at these two, feeling such sweet sorrow...
Could their love really come to an end tommorow?
It dosen't look that way, I have to say...
It seems like it might last for a while...
And all I have to say for myself
Is that I wouldn't complain if I was sharing their smile..