I'm pierced and I'm inked out

But it doesn't mean a lot

Please, I'm not here to pout.

Like just any gothic knot.

Although I'm the quiet one

My actions won't deceive.

I speak for those with too much pun

For cowards who would leave

Label me and mark me up,

Throw me in a clique

Go on, rah-rah, you can't see

The life that you had picked

The populars have come to town

For everyone to wish

That they could live without a frown

For one day they'd gladly switch.

But me? I'd gladly choose my world

Over some pathetic crowd

I love my life and all of its twirls

Nothing can drag me down!

Fuck the system!

Fuck the fights!

Love my atoms,

Love the nights!

And if you strongly agree

Come and stand up strong

Break your label at the seams

And sing this ruthless song

Until the fighting falls to the shade,

I'll be at the tattoo hut.

Inscribing on my shoulder blade

"I bleed, but never cut."