Scared Young Sir
Smell death in the air
Afraid to move
Not sure why you're there

Crouched in green-blotted uniform
Slowly look around
No silence to save you
Explosions are your only sound

You're no hero
Nothing more than a child
Forever scarred through survival
Your life's been defiled

For it is you, Scared Young Sir
Who believed in what's right
Who wished to defend what he cherished
And decided to fight

But it is not you, Scared Young Sir
Who should be crouching in this place
Look back at the one's who justified this battle
Who hid the lies beneath their disgrace

I pray for you safety, Scared Young Sir
Your bravery is astounding
But you yourself question this cause
The all-clears far from sounding

They disregarded your life, Scared Young Sir
A job that can't be done
Just another statistic to line their pockets
A profit that they, not you, will have won

If you could go back
I know you would
Drop that gun and walk away
You wish you could

But you were had, Scared Young Sir
This mindless, endless war
You'll remember things that can't be forgotten
You never imagined this before

So goodbye forever, Scared Young Sir
I'll remember you every day
Your face will be gone, you're nothing more than a thumbprint
As they drag your body away