Chapter 1

One perfect summer together can leave so many last memories in ones mind. It is such as short period of time, when the love they share blooms. Whether it is by fate or some other force, they are sent to each other for an unexplainable reason.

Abby closed her eyes and laid her folder back on her oak desk. She rolled back in her leather chair and sighed. A moment of inspiration hit her so she began typing again. When the ending was not what she wanted she deleted it.

'It has to be perfect,' she told herself.

After several moments of staring at an almost blank screen, she saved her work and closed the program.

The deadline for her story was so close, and yet she was so far away from finishing. Abby took a sip of her luke-warm coffee, and thanked the Lord above for it. Without coffee and caffeine, she knew she would never be able to finish the story.

Another moment of inspiration hit Abby and she could not possibly let it go. Inspiration did not come very often so she decided to take advantage of it while she could.

He looked at her with passion in his eyes as they swayed to the slow music. He held her tightly and loved the way she perfectly into his arms. He touched her soft brown hair and tucked away a strand behind her ear. They then shared a passionate kiss…

She smiled at the computer as they words just kept flowing. The phone ringing brought her out of her trance for a moment.

'Who could that be,' she said staring at clock and then at the telephone.

"Hello," she answered.

"Hello," the voice said hesitantly.

"Who is this," Abby asked curiously. She waited for a response, but the phone was completely silent for several moments.

"It is your worst nightmare," the man on the other line said in a deep and rustic voice.

Scared Abby looked around the room. She had been for the past couple of hours been alone in her apartment. There was no telling who could have got in if by chance she had left the door unlocked.

She prayed it was not that creepy guy from apartment 210 just above her. He was constantly asking her to pet his cat and asking her if she liked chicken or beef better. 'What did it matter,' she thought if she liked chicken or beef.

"Who is this," she asked again carefully, fear beginning to line her voice.

"Oh," he said laughing. "You don't remember your ex-lover."

Abby dropped the phone immediately and it crashed against the desk. Picking it back up almost immediately she asked, "Daniel is that you?"

In her own ears, her voice sounded shaky, but she tried to keep it under control as much as possible.

"Yeah it's me," he said smiling. "I am sorry I scared you."

"It's fine," she said trying to blow it off as nothing. Daniel had always been doing crazy things, such as that when they were dating.

Abby switched ears with the phone and rolled over to her computer. "Wow," she said pulling up her email. "How long has it been since we talked last?"

"Six years," Daniel said. He wondered in his mind where the time had gone. Life had taken major turns and he could not imagine how different it would have been if…

"How did you get my number," she asked curiously, as she began typing an email to her best friend.

To: Krazychicka908

From: Sweetchicka987

Subject: Weird Phone Call


Mel you are not going to believe this. I am talking to Daniel. Yes, the Daniel from like six years ago. Wow! I wonder what he wants. I guess I will find out soon.

Love ya,


There was a long silence and to break the silence Daniel coughed. "Look the reason I called was, because I am in town. I was thinking maybe if you want we can get together and you know catch up."

Abby thought about it and then without thinking she said, "Yes!"

"Cool," Daniel said smiling. There were so many memories going through his head he did not know what to say next.

"When," he asked.

"Well," Abby said thinking about busy her schedule was. "How about tomorrow during lunch."

"Sounds good! Look I have to go, but I will meet you tomorrow at Merinos Pizza Place at around noon."

"That sounds great," she said smiling at her computer as she sent the email.

"Hey," Daniel said before hanging up the phone. "It was good to hear your voice again."

"You too," Abby whispered hanging up the phone quickly.

Abby sighed aloud and stared at the phone. Her stomach was turning in knots and her mind could not quiet grasp the fact that Daniel was in town and they were having lunch together.

"You have mail," her computer told her.

To: Sweetchicka987

From: Krazychicka908


OMG! So like what did he want? Come on girl you have to give me the information. He is in town. Girl you two should like hook up or something. Wink! Wink! I know you had that fling when you were teens, but you never told me what else happened. Well you did kind of, at least the bad part anyway. Do not worry about the past girl; I am sure he has changed.

Love ya,



Well did you like this? This was actually a story I did a long time ago, but never did really like it. I have of course changed a few things, and added a few. I know for sure this is going to be much better than the first. It was actually one of my first stories. Wow that was a while ago. Well just read it and tell me what you think, honestly.