Chapter 6

"Mmm," Abby whispered getting closer to Daniel in the bed. She was practically laying across him, but he did not seem to mind. Her hair was sprawled out across his chest and he sighed as he opened his eyes and looked at her.

The sheet was barely covering her and he could not help but let his hands roll over her back and then up again.

"Good morning," she whispered. She could hear his heart pounding in her ear. She did not move, but laid still and took in his manly scent.

"Good morning," he whispered closing his eyes as the memories came from the night before came flooding back. "Abby," he whispered.


"I can't feel my legs."

"Oh," she said laughing as she rolled off him. "Sorry," she whispered trying to pull the sheet over her body, but was unable to cover much, because the sheet was trapped under Daniel's body.

"I am cold,"Abby said pulling and tugging at the sheet.

He rose up slightly and she was able to pull the blanket out from under him. After rolling up in the sheet, she laid her head on his chest.

Her fingers traced the lines on his stomach, she could hear his heart beating rapidly in her ear.

'I love this man,' she told herself. "Hey," she said rising up slightly. "I will be right back, don't go anywhere."

"Okay," he whispered as she jumped off the bed, taking the sheet with her as she disappeared into the bathroom.

Daniel found his pants and pulled his cell phone out of his pants pocket. He dialed his mom's number and instantly she answered.

"Hey mom, how is Bryce doing?"

"Fine, he is eating breakfast now. When did you want to come and pick him up?"

"Well," Daniel said pausing. "See that's the thing I need to go out of town for a few days. Do you think you can watch him for me?"

"Well of course," Mary said smiling at her grandson. "I have to go," she muttered in a hurry. "He just dumped milk all over my clean kitchen floor." Daniel hung up the phone smiling.

"Who were you talking to," Abby asked standing in the doorway to the bathroom. She was holding tight to the sheet, but it did no good. It was a white sheet and he could see directly through it.

"My mother," he grumbled trying to look away from her visible body. "I told her a small little lie."

"About what?"

"I told her I had a business trip to go on and that I needed her to watch Bryce for a couple of days."

"Oh," Abby said smirking at him. "A business trip, huh?"

"Yeah," he said standing up. "I have business to take care of," he said walking towards her.

Several hours later Abby was lying in Daniel's arms. She turned her head to look up at him. "Didn't anyone ever tell you not to lie to your mother," she said smiling.

"Are you complaining," he asked smirking back.

"Nope," she said planting a small kiss on his lips.

The phone began to ring and Abby immediately went for it. "Tease," Daniel said near her ear as they both sat up.

"Hello," she answered.

"Hey," Melanie said cheerfully. "How are things going?"

"Fine," she said trying not to burst into laughter.

Daniel was beginning to kiss up and down her neck and across her shoulder blade. "Stop it," she told him.

"Who are you talking too," Melanie asked.

"Umm," Abby said pausing. "Melanie can I like call you back later. I have company."

"Oh my God," Melanie screamed. "He is there isn't he? I knew it; I knew that you could not resist him. Did you sleep with him?"

"Melanie, I got to go," Abby, said when Daniel's kisses and toucheswere beginning to get more intense on her neck.

Abby hung up the phone before Melanie could even say goodbye. Daniel just laughed and lay back against the pillow.

"What are you laughing about," she said turning towards him.

"Nothing," he mumbled.

In the next moment, they were kissing again, but again the phone interrupted them. "Don't," he said keeping her close. "I am sure its no one important."

"I have too," she said pulling away.

"Hello," she answered.

"Yes, we are looking for Abby Carter."

"This is she," she said.

"You were supposed to work in the children's youth center today and we have kids who are sitting here with nothing to do. We were wondering if you still wanted your job."

"Oh, yes of course. I must have lost track of time. I will be there in like ten minutes." She hung up the phone quickly.

"Where are you going," Daniel asked as he watched run around the room like a crazy person. "Who was on the phone?"

"I forgot I was supposed to work at the community center today. They are about to fire me if I do not get down there immediately." Pulling several items of clothing out of her closet, she dressed quickly.

She grabbed her keys and purse off the dresser and then walked over to where Daniel was stilling lying on the bed. "Make yourself at home," she said standing beside the bed. "I will be back in a couple of hours."

She started to walk away, but he pulled her back. "Don't I get a kiss goodbye," he asked in a sad tone puckering out his lower lip.

Teasing him, she kissed his cheek and then started to walk away again. "What was that," he asked in shock.

"What are you not satisfied," she shot back, smirking at him.

"Oh, I will show you satisfied," he pulled her back towards him and she almost collapsed on top of him. He kissed her fully and then said, "Stay with me."

"I can't," she said pulling away.

"Alright," he said giving up. "Go do your job, but you owe me big time!"

"Oh, yeah what do I owe you," she asked.

"I can't tell you," he said smirking. "It's a surprise."


Hope everyone enjoyed this chapter. There is still more to come, so just keep reading. This chapter I thought her running away and screaming was just to overdone. I want it to sink in about her situation before she flips out. Thanks for reviewing!