Not For You---

You offered me the world
You promised it would be okay
I don't want you to hurt
I can't accept it; not today

I'm sorry I hurt you
I'm sorry I killed you
But it's just not right
And it's so unfair

Mystery lies in the core of the earth
But what lies at the core of my soul
It's not for you; I just can't be your girl
Maybe someday you won't be alone

I know I murdered you
And it still does hurt me so much
My heart is shattered too
Let someone else feel your sweet touch

I know I'm not worth it
I know you'll waste your time
And it's just not right
And it's so unfair


I can't give my heart to you
But I can give you what I can
I can give you my nothing
I can't hurt what I don't know

(Chorus 2x)