Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday afternoon

turned from sandcastles and waves,

from sitting on the dunes

to trying to be brave

with a deep breath in, then out,

but nothing can calm the worry

or the doubt.

Driving, trying to hurry,

without thinking of the news,

forgetting that it crossed the line

and it will never be excused.

Turn off and look for the nine

and take a left, then right

into a waiting room,

worrying all through the night

with the stench, the perfume

that follows through every door

and behind that curtain,

that drop of blood on the floor

showing nothing's for certain.

It is getting late,

pass that point and people leave

but the rest can only wait,

shifting in the chairs with unease

until led to the second room

with the dimmed lights

and they can only resume

the waiting for one more sight.

Tuesday night pulls into

Wednesday morning,

each five minutes is overdue

as sleep comes without warning

on a waiting room chair.

The three hours pass by,

holding tears and wondering where,

remembering July.

Morning light breaks

and it's been half a day,

realizing everything it takes

when it is all astray.

All of the good byes are said,

with a breath of relief,

no mentions of what is ahead

or the night behind, brief

but every minute stretching out

as Tuesday afternoon became a day

we could've done without.