Touch, how tenderly the image is gazing

Upon the limned surface so clear

Kiss, the brilliance of a reflection fading

Crying out to a love that won't disappear


A small smile mirrored with content

As the ripples vanish, no longer seen

Dwelling into each lascivious moment

Lost to drunken tranquility and dream


Hush, how gently the tears of joy fall

Upon the face stained with satisfaction

Linger, sweetest serenity now enthralled

Caressing that image of fake perfection


Incandescent, those eyes burn with desire

Realization dawns and leaves the heart aching

Twisting within the calm waters, an ignited fire

The vivid image of a sudden awakening


"My dearest love, eternally true

This reflection I can now see

My dearest love, please, don't leave

For I am you

and. you. are. me."


October 12, 2005


A/n: Dedicated to poetic abortion, for the requested poem topic, "water reflection/distortion/narcissistic". Hope this poem was up to standard. Hope you enjoyed reading.