Passion Play

Disclaimer: This one is lame, I don't like it but I post anyway in a desperate call for reviews. Just kidding, I wrote it because I was trying to get past my three poems per day block, to no avail. Bah.

Summary: It's my look on society, I like writing about society cause it is what I am familiar with. Forgive my lack of knowledge on the underprivileged, it springs not from my own desire.

A passion play before us

Wrenching and twisting

Like our dreaded snake

Writing in blood and love

Study on, my lover

Our lives are at your feet

Speak on, my pet

Let the words flow free

Give them soul

Give them life

Give them freedom

Direct our passion play

March on, through the hate

Wrenching and twisting

Like our loving brother

Covered in blood and love