Hey minna! This is just a nonsensical poem that my friends and I had to write for school. I hope you like it!

Touring Through Africa

We use a navigator to get to the equator.

The we will go to the giant plateau

And then rally in the Great Rift Valley.

The Niger River will make you shiver,

And the Congo River is longo.

The Nile goes on for miles, and

Lake Tanganyika may have been made by a quake.

Because of escarpments and cataracts

it is hard to have transportation in this nation.

If you toil with the soil you may just find oil.

Africa is not cold, but it is rich in gold.

Finally we will take you to Lake Malawi.

And tomorrow we will go to Mount Kilamanjaro.

I think it's funny, and I hope you do too!

signing off for now... Freekz