Your eyes have changed, recently

The warmth, the light I used to see is gone

Put out?

Or closed.

Closed to me

You believe what they've told you

I don't blame you

We are who we are made to be

And you've been molded


For once

Take your eyes out of your book

Your mind out of its cage

And look at us

Tell me

What is it you see that revolts you?

Then again, what do I know

The only thing I've been following

Is the electricity of her kiss

If you could feel that

Feel the quickening of blood her presence brings

The shift in atmosphere

And oh

If you could taste this heaven

You could not find it wrong.

Yes, well, its not perhaps brilliant, or even passable, but it was one of those things you feel like writing and then do. Only later do you look back and think "oooh. Crap."