boy with the
lightlight lashes like
summertime butterflies
flutter on by, boy
pass me by, boy
look at me when I never say hi, boy
I wonder if your smile's light enough to
float away in the summer breeze
dandelions dancing on your breath

how beautiful would you look
standing on a cold, deserted beach
black waves crashing at your feet
we could play coldplay's 'yellow'

does your tan skin mix
with the brown leaves of fall
that I'm supposed to draw in art class?

I wonder what you look like
covered in snow
do your cheeks turn red like mine, are your
fingers cold like mine, do you
get crystals in those summertime eyelashes of yours?

I want to know you longer, I want
to see how beautiful the seasons can make you

boy, I don't care
throw me in a pile of leaves; a snowbank, throw me
into the summer breeze and see if I float with your dandelions

throw me around, boy; I don't care, just hold me