Something I Don't Want

That image

The image of you

Just you being you

The image I once held dear

Is now one I casually shrug at

Those eyes

The eyes you possess

So blue, like two melting aquamarine pools

Swirling with passion and courage

Are still amazing

But from a purely artistic view

The laugh I once laughed along with

And still do, though without unintentional motives

It's just a mere laugh among many I know so well

Your joking, laid-back voice

That once sent me shivering

That once made my stomach tighten up

That made me feel so incredibly special

Just for hearing it

Is nothing more than a simple melody

Among many


You who used to be so heroic

Perfect for me

Reassuring, brave, bold, compassionate

And, believe me, the list could go on

Are something else

Now, as I'm with you

An amazing thought comes to mind


Maybe you're not so super special

In face, I'm almost sure of it

Certainty is good to have

Especially the confidence I have that you and I

Would never work

Not necessarily because you have a girlfriend

Or that we've very different opinions

But, to my great relief, because

For once

I don't want you