The Little girl sits in the back seat of his truck

Admiring her daddy up front

He tells her she's a good kid

And he loves the little runt

She smiles when he says her mothers a fool

And she smiles when he tells her she's a big girl

She laughs when he tries to sing her a song

And she laughs when he talks about the time she thought she was king kong

He told her he knew she'd grow up to be a star

He said "keep on being you kid, and I know you'll go far"

She looked up at his big blue eyes

She said "will you always be here with me daddy"

And she watched as he cried

"Big girl, I love you, and you know you're the best"

"But your daddy is tired, and he needs time to rest"

"But when you see the first star on clear chilly night"

"You know that your daddy made it to heaven alright"

She wiped away his tears, and she kissed him on the cheek

Her words would only sting, and she was too speechless to speak

Her daddy was her world, and now she felt so alone

That pain that she felt was something she couldn't condone

The day of his wake she knelt before his casket

She told him he was her hero, and she gave him his last kiss.

AN: it starts of with out rhyming, but then toward the end I began to rhyme, so I just stuck with it. This could probably use some editing, it's not too great, but I like it for now.