Elbow of the novitiate

Gobbledygook, to the pile of refuse
Dragon's hoard gewgaws
Dust bunnies into e-gold under the couch
A margarita in freefall
Just singing into my mouth

The erotic curve is my first port of call
Miami, quick study
My tarn smoking jacket the colour of last fall
You burn steady buts along midnight miles
Slow down! The dial's darkly, you're too tall
I'm sure you've got questions
Sit quietly and receive lessons
Make contact with the unseen, the new
Then fly south before the winter winds trap you

You invented the eventual, now eaten by the bear
Is not the future vast?
You don't even grasp it, too lethargic
You're not that fast

Runaway glaciations surrounding the bowl-shaped dell
Bats in the belfry. Batty. Batshit? Heaven and hell
Ineffectual lumps, easy-to-bullshit bastards
Stuck in a knot of girlie words, few too many
Bake an English lexicon into your skull
Use the solvent, the chemical stripper, there's plenty