Hope flickers like a candle
Lighting a darkened cave,
Dulling all senses
Except my excitement.

I know you don't approve.

The candle remained.
I nurtured it,
Watched it grow.

But I feel like this is where I belong.

The candle grew.
And I couldn't hide it.
I showed it,
To the world.

You can't take that away from me.

My hope flickered

And then you blew.

The flame flickered,
My body flickered,
My life flickered
And then it went out.

You blew me out.

I wondered like a dead man,

And you laughed in my face.

My light,
My hope,

My dream, ripped apart by the seams.

The candle,
Stayed unlighted,
I had no matches,
To make it glow.

But did you care? Did you notice?

And then again,
I saw a spark,
A spark
Of hope.

You cut me into little pieces and pierced my heart.

I kept it hidden,
Determined not to show it.
Not to show the spark,
The spark of hope.

Will you ever mean so much to me again?

But I saw smoke,
More smoke.
I tried,
But I couldn't light the candle.

And then you handed me the match.

The candle flares,
Unexpected hope.
The flame rekindled.
My life rekindled.
My hope rekindled.

And you gave me another chance, at my dream.

Dancing flames,
Like my dancing heart.
Whole again.

You blew me out, but then offered me the match.
And here I am