The Doctor

"It doesn't have to be like this."
The Doctor said to me"
"Your will to be a being of good,
Shall let your soul go free.

But it stands to reason,
That good cannot reside,
When hate is still inside you,
For with hatred on your side,
You'll never be as good as good
Can be when fury leaves your soul,
For hate can spread like wildfire
Leaving ruins, black as coal."

The Doctor paused and looked at me,
He stared right through my eyes,
"Stop playing with your own mind, boy,
And drop your coarse disguise.

You need to leave these thoughts behind,
Don't taint your love with sorrow old,
Just hold your head up high, my son,
For hope is yours.
And hope is gold.
And shining bright,
It kills the black.

Hello Son. Welcome back.

© Saxon Drury-Godden 2005