Okay guys, I'm gonna use this for a poem contest, and I need to know if it is okay or not.

It's a Shakespearean sonnet about the rantings of a mute person. Exciting, I know, but it just came out this way. Okay, on with the poem…

Denied the Gift of Speech
For countless seasons I've had naught to say;

my time spent wasted on but fleeting thought.

For great old questions dance my mind away,

but I don't get to speak on what I've got.

The voice is like a window to the mind;

expressing your own outlook felt down deep.

All others leave me weeping, far behind;

the gift they have I did not get to keep.

I want to scream, since "Aahhh!" it isn't fair!

My songs are chicks aborted 'fore they fly.

Head held in hands, I'm ripping out my hair,

because denied I am, even to cry.

Life isn't all that good for what I've got;

surviving, yes, but living, surely not.

Review, please an thank you. I appreciate your time.