Chapter 1

I thought life was always going to be simple, and it was up until the day I turned seventeen.

It was just a normal birthday and it was going to be the best one yet. My parents had just bought me a brand new car. I was on top of the world; I was head cheerleader, student council president, and senior class valedictorian.

Somewhere between being, perfect and trying to fit in I fell into trouble. I started out my senior with the hottest guy in our entire school as my boyfriend. He was not the usually type I went for, but I was surprised how quickly I fell in love with him.

In addition, somewhere between love and friendship, our relationship escaladed and just being boyfriend and girlfriend was not enough.

Taking our relationship too the next level after six months of dating we felt was right. That was when all of my troubles began, that very night on my seventeenth birthday.

For the first time in my life, I actually felt true love, as I lay there in his arms afterwards. I did not understand how, but there had been a connection made between us that night that could never be broken.

Little did I know that connection would become all too obvious a couple of months later? I did not want to believe, there was no way possible, I the prettiest girl in school could be pregnant.

I cried for weeks and prayed it would just go away, as if I was living in a nightmare. I reassured myself I was going to wake up at any moment.

In reality, the nightmare was not going to end, and I was soon going to have to tell everyone else my secret, before they found out on their own.

Isaac, I figured was probably the one I should tell first, but how. We had only had sex three or four times. I knew he was going to be so mad, but the real reaction I got from him was a little different than I expected.

"Isaac," I said standing in front of him against the lockers of school. I played with my hands nervously.

The hallways were pretty clear, except for a few people who talking by the water fountain. I knew they could not hear us, because they were too busy lost in their own lives.

"Isaac," I repeated.

This time he turned and looked down at me. I could not help but love his cold black hair, how it fell into his face when he looked at me. I loved the way his hand would instantly find my cheek before he kissed me.

"What is it Cal," he asked.

My full name was Callie, but he had called my Cal for as long as I could remember, before we were even dating actually.

"I found out something," I whispered. A small teardrop fell and ran down my cheek. I wiped it away instantly and turned my head away, so I did not have to look at him. I knew the next words out of mouth were going to change his life forever. I also knew I would never be able to prepare him for this.

"What did you find out," he asked cupping my face and turning it so I had to look him straight into his eyes. I of course tried to turn, but he would not let me do so. "Tell me what is going on," he said.

I looked up, and for a millisecond, I had a moment of bravery. Pulling together all my strength I mumbled, "I found out I am pregnant."

He let go of my chin, as if it was on fire, and stepped back a little. "Okay," he whispered. He nodded his head as and then took a deep breath.

I can still remember to this day, three years later, how we just stood there in silence for five minutes, each second ticked away and I thought I was going to die before he started to speak again.

"Okay well it's not exactly good news, but…"

"I will understand if you never want to see me again," I whispered through tears. I was beginning to walk away, but he caught my arm and pulled me back instantly.

"Where are you going," he asked looking straight into my eyes, as if he was trying to read my brain.

"I was just going to…" My words trailed off along with my thoughts as he pressed his lips against mine. He pulled away and smiled at me, it was the biggest smirk I had ever seen.

"What are we going to do," I asked looking up at him and then instantly I put my head back down again.

"Well what else can we do, but deal with it?"

"It," I asked curiously. He was talking as if the baby was something from Mars. It was a baby not an alien.

"The baby is what I meant."

"Oh," I whispered.

"Hey," he said cracking another smile. "It's not the end of the world. People have babies all the time and live through it. You worry too much!"

Easy for him to say, he was not the one who was pregnant. He also was not the one who had their entire life screwed up after one night of pleasure. Okay so maybe his life was going to change, but notas much as mine of course.