"Jeez Jenna

"Jeez Jenna!" Natanya screamed as Jenna through a Popsicle stick at her. "All I asked was if you get beaten at home or not!"

"It's none of your business!" Jenna screamed as she caught Natanya looking at her black and blue eye that she got from her mother once a week this year. Her mother had just started drinking and Jenna unfortunately, was always in the way when her mother took a swing at her because she was yelling at the top of her lungs that drinking was bad for her mother, and her mom wanted her to shut up. Her father was always working when her mom was home so she couldn't turn to him. The only person she could really turn to was her boyfriend and extremely close friends.

"Jenna if you are beaten at home you should tell us and the police, otherwise you might grow up and do this to your own kids when you are older." Said Jenna's friend Billie. Of course Jenna knew she was right and she should tell the police, but on her own mother??

Suddenly Jenna had a flash forward:

*A little boy is sitting on the couch in somewhat a living room*

"Mommy?" the little boy whimpered.

"Shut UP!!" You hear an obviously drunken woman in the near distance. All of a sudden a pillow comes flying from the other side of the house and hits the little boy awfully hard for a pillow. There was a pin in that pillow and it scratched the little boy. Not enough to get stitches (thank God) but enough to let it bleed a lot. The woman who threw the pillow came into view. First blurry, but then Jenna could see the image clearly…

"NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Jenna screamed in the middle of the school cafeteria. Suddenly there was complete silence as everyone looked at her. Jenna tried to think of an excuse and this is what came out "um, I broke a nail." Everyone then turned around and continued to chat.

"Um Jenna? That was not an 'I broke a nail' scream. What happened?" Asked Billie while Natanya just cracked up at what she thought was a joke.

Jenna told Billie about the vision she had. "…and that woman…the lady who threw the pillow…. It… it was… me…" Billie looked at her like this was something incredibly serious. When Natanya saw the serious expression on both the girls' faces she immediately shut up.

"So that 1. Means you are abused. And 2. If we don't do something about it, that's what's going to happen to you." Billie said trying to sort it all out.

"Well I know that I am not going to let it happen to me. I know exactly who I'm going to see first." With that Jenna walked out of the cafeteria to the guidance counselor. Leaving one proud Billie and one very confused Natanya.

"What the heck did I miss?" she asked annoyed she missed something.

Billie told her. The two girls stared worried in the direction of the guidance consolers office.