Jenna stood in the doorway of her new home. So this is it she thought no more abuse no more lies. I get to lead a normal life… with a stepsister and two stepparents, oh yeah. And a stepbrother. She walked into her new bedroom and shut the door behind her. She then dropped the bags she was holding and ran her hand along the wall, then she looked out the window. She saw a bird. Common I know but it was in a way telling her that everything will be all right. It gave her a sense of peace. Jenna sat on her bed and looked around the room. She liked it. The walls were a nice shade of green … natural… the rug was tan and it looked really nice. Just then she heard a knock at the door. It was Billie.

"Jenna you ok?"

"Yeah just trying to face the facts a little… so I won't be as surprised when I wake up."

"Oh ok… well can I come in?"

"Oh yeah, sure. Sorry." Billie opened the door and sat down next to Jenna.

"Ya like the room?"

"Uh huh."

"Good … I thought you would… you do like natural colors so I suggested this be your room… my… *our*… dad said that he would take us shopping to get some things for your room."

"Cool." Just then Billie was called downstairs. She shot Jenna a concerned look and left. Shutting the door behind her. Jenna walked over to the dresser. She opened the top drawer and found a picture… of her mother. What the.. Jenna picked it up and looked at it. Then she looked in the mirror. She shivered. She looked like her mother. When she wasn't drunk and yelling her mother was very pretty … but Jenna never realized that because well… she had forgotten. Then Jenna was confused … What is a picture of my mother doing in a drawer at Billy's house? As if in answer to her question Jenna saw a note in the corner of the drawer. She picked it up and read:

Dear Jenna,

I thought you might like this. You left it here a few years ago you know before it all started? Well I hope this makes you feel better and that it reminds you of the beautiful and kind mother you once had. You do look like her. I hope this makes you happy… not sad. Any way I hope you like it here. I will still be your best friend although I will also have to play the roll of stepsister. And as for my brother, well he will be leaving for college in a couple of years so lets act like he isn't there shall we? Just kidding.


Jenna smiled to herself as she looked at the picture again. Then she picked up the frame that Billie had obviously got for her to put her picture in and did exactly that. Then placed it on the windowsill near the bed. She stood back and looked at her room. Then she went downstairs and looked in the living room. She saw Billie, her brother, her mom and her dad, and thought… This is my family.