Chapter 1: In the beginning (Water)

In the darkness, a small boy was shivering in the cold, his clothes were thin and the room he sat in was drafty, damp and dusty. He wore a black t-shirt, a baggy pair of black pants and a black hoodie, however they didn't keep the cold out very well, as they were old and worn out. The boy was about ten, but he was tall for his age and people on the street usually thought he was eleven or twelve. He sat up when he heard the door open and the footsteps that he identified as his mother's, come slowly into his room. Her movements were light and graceful.

She put her arms around him, he winced at the contact but didn't move out of her hug. He could feel her skinny, elegant body comforting him. He hated it when his father came home drunk, as he would hit him, then his mother would interfere when she heard him whimpering in pain and his father yelling slurred drunken words like "You're a waste of time, space and money." But the drawback to his mother interfering to this was that she would be beaten instead of him and then she would have to go do all the chores even if he had twisted her ankle and made it hard to walk. She was always sick, malnourished and overworked. The small boy, whose name was Ayden, tried to help her as much as possible, after all she was the only reason he was still alive now.

They were both amazingly skinny and messy, the woman had dark, almost brownish, blonde hair and bright green eyes that were dark rimmed from lack of sleep. Her hair was loosely plaited, so that it hung down her back and swayed gracefully when she walked, you could tell just by looking at her hat she was once beautiful. The boy had the same bright green eyes, his hair was jet black and it was always messy, it made him look like Harry Potter. People at school teased him a lot about that but only behind his back when they were sure they were the only ones who could hear the conversation, he wore all black, dark colours, which were harder to see when the lights were off, meaning it would be harder for the man to see and therefore it would be less likely for him to get into a fight with the man he once called his father.

The teacher at school was suspicious. Sometimes she would catch sight of some of the bruises on his arms, but she never said anything. To her, it wasn't her place and should only be sorted out between the people in his family. He had no friends as the kids at school tended to leave him alone. He guessed it was because they were afraid that who ever had done this to him, would do the same to them if they ever got to know him.

All Ayden and his mother wanted to do, was get away, but she didn't have enough money to feed and clothe them both. She needed her husband to keep them alive with the money he got from his job. It wasn't a lot, however it was better than nothing and getting a few bruises and scratches to keep them alive wasn't that bad really.