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Chapter 9: We Meet Again

The waves were rough and the cliff was steep. The rain was pouring down so hard it was like it was trying to wash the house out into the sea. A woman sat in a chair in the middle of the house. Her brown hair was tied tightly in a bun. She was dressed in a smart black suit that showed her curves clearly. The office she sat in was huge with heavy velvet curtains and huge wooden bookshelves. She sat behind a wooden desk that matched the shelves in the middle of the room that radiated wealth and power.

"Have you found them yet?" She asked a man that was standing in the doorway. His hair was grey but neat and his suit was the type you would see a business man wearing.

"We think we may have," he said.

"Did you do what I ordered?" She demanded confidence and power was clearly evident in her voice.

"We set the town on fire, if any of them are there they would probably be forced to use the elements," he confirmed.

"Any sign of any of them?" she asked.

"Not yet but if they start to use their elements we'll find out," he answered. The woman gave the man a silent gesture to leave the room. He closed the big oak doors behind him and walked down the hallway, the walls echoed with the sounds of his footsteps. The echoes gave the huge house an empty feeling to it and it made the man feel lonely.

The woman stood up and walked to the window. She stared out into the gloomy night and thought to herself, 'I will found them. No matter what happens I will find them.'

The three of them had found an isolated area away from everyone else so they could talk in private. They're knew where Danny and Claire were and they knew the Jamie was with them because she still couldn't find the rest of the kids from the orphanage.

Jamie was just telling her two best friends about her encounter with Ayden when suddenly as if he had heard his name being said Ayden appeared on the other side of the small clearing.

Silence fell over the group. Ayden turned around to leave but suddenly felt someone pulling him back. Jamie had grabbed his wrist and was keeping him from leaving. He tugged his arm but she held on tightly, not hard enough to leave a mark or hurt but enough to prevent him from leaving.

"Let me go," he said trying to pull away from Jamie who was basically keeping him prisoner.

"No, "she said, "why don't you trust us?"

"Why should I?" he asked angrily, "I barely know you."

"Well then sit down with us and get to know us," she said, "please."

'Yeah like it matters if she says please,' he thought, 'I don't want to stay here but maybe they will supply more food.'

Ayden sat down. He wasn't quite part of the circle but he wasn't far enough away to not be part of it.

Claire had a worried look on her face; she was worried about Ayden. Danny looked extremely pissed; he loathed Ayden or was he jealous because Ayden was getting all the attention. Jamie had a smile on her face; she was finally going to find out what made him tick and her curiosity would finally be put to rest.

"Okay, so, my name's Jamie Taylor. I'm fourteen years old and I used to live with my mother but she died in a fire a month ago so now I live in the orphanage," Jamie said trying to start a conversation. She didn't like talking so lightly about her mother or the fire that had basically destroyed her life.

"Well I'm Claire and I'm sixteen years old. I live with my father, my two little sisters Maya and Leah and my little brother Zack," Claire said trying to continue the conversation. After a nudge from Claire, Danny added to the girl's comments but in a less enthusiastic manner.

"Danny. Fifteen. Mother, Father and little brother named Andy," Danny said, he definitly wasn't happy with Ayden being around. They all looked at Ayden who didn't say a word. He just stared emotionlessly at them.

"Do you trust us?" Jamie asked.

"No, I've learnt you can't trust anyone," he answered.

"Why?" Jamie asked. She wanted answers because her curiosity was getting the better of her once again. It was overpowering her.

"Because I've seen what happens when you trust someone. You give them all you've got and then when there's nothing left they turn around and stab you in the back," he said his once cold voice was filled with emotion. His thin body was trembling with anger.

"What could we do to betray your trust?" Jamie asked. Claire and Danny didn't dare say a word.

"You could get me put in that stupid orphanage or you could make me go back to that stupid old man and his stupid old house," he said. His voice was loud but not loud enough for the parents that were just on the other side of the bush to hear.

"What would I get out of that?" Jamie asked. She was letting her tongue do the talking, just going with the flow, letting her instinct take over.

"Why do you want to butt into my personal life anyway?" he asked. It had become a verbal fight between the two.

"Because I want to help you," she said her voice suddenly becoming quiet and filled with worry and care. Ayden was lost for words and Jamie was silently crowned the winner. "Please, just trust us," she whispered.

Ayden looked into her eyes. 'The eyes are the doorways to the soul,' he thought and when he looked into hers he saw honesty, kindness and…hurt? Could she have possibly been hurt by what he had said to her?

"Before I was on the street I lived with my mother and father," he started. It was hard for him to tell them what had happened because he wasn't only explaining it them but to himself. He had always made up his own story, twisted what had really happened and made it more into a happy story. "My mother hated my father. She used to love him but as soon as I was born she found out who he really was. She wanted to leave but he had all her money and we needed money to survive. She managed to save a bit of money and a year ago she gave it to me and made me leave. She made me promise never to return to the house. She didn't want me to have to stay there anymore," he continued. Everyone was listening to his story. Jamie urged him to continue.

"We promised to meet every month when she went shopping. She would give me some food or money. I never spent the money though; I saved it so I could get her out of there. One day she didn't turn up so I broke my promise and returned to the house. She wasn't there. She wasn't there a month later either. It was almost two months before I found her grave," Ayden's voice was angry, "he murdered her. He killed my mother."

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