Hope is a candle in the dark night,

It is a life saver, a raft, and a light.

It calls us to reach out when we're depressed,

And it makes always wish for the best.

Hope is a beacon for those in deep sorrow,

Giving them dreams of a brighter tomorrow.

Without hope, we will wither and fall away

With it, nothing's too dark and there's always some shade.

Hope is a shelter in a dark storm,

Hope is our friend's shoulder while we mourn.

Hope is a smile when the world goes wrong.

Hope runs the race with us, and makes our dreams grow strong.

Hope is the sun winking from behind a grey cloud.

Hope is solitude in a multitudinous crowd.

Hope is finding peace when the world goes wild,

Hope is being an angel to a sick child.

While hope can be lost, forgotten, or put to rest,

It always wants us to think the best.

Hope cannot be stolen, traded, or sold,

It is always new, but has been always old.

Hope can be given through friendship and love.

Hope is comparable to a snowy white dove.

It flies into your heart and makes its nest,

Only to give you renewed strength and rest.

To some, hope is a valuable present.

To others, it's the workings of Heaven.

No matter how you perceive hope,

It's a serious matter, never a joke.