Fatal Obsession

Act 1 Scene 1

Matt and Marie: (Stood in street talking)

Kim: Oh can we go somewhere, this is boring.

Matt: No, so go home!

Kim: I will coz you're the worst brother in the world! (Walks away while Matt and Marie continue to talk)

Marie: Alone at last!

Gemma: (Enters with Lauren) Hi Marie! Are you still going with Matt?

Marie: Looks like it doesn't it.

Camera: (Looking over shoulders, zoom in on fight)

Matt: Oh Shit!! That's Jim over there!! (Runs to fight, Marie and Gemma follow, Matt grabs Sean's shoulder) Leave my brother alone!

Sean: (Turns round and punches Matt in the stomach) Get lost you scrawny little shit!

Gemma and Marie: (Hold Matt, who is winded, up)

Marie: Leave him alone you knob head!

Ste: Why the fuck should we?

Gemma: Because I told you to (hand on hip, pointing with the other hand)

Lauren: just fuck off!

Sean: You ain't worth our time, come on lets go (turns to Matt) I'll be back to finish you later!! (Matt head butts Sean and Sean is about to hit Matt back but Ste stops him then Sean realises he has bust his nose. Sean and Ste walk away)

Jim: (Collapses on the floor, spits out blood)

Matt and Gemma: (helps Jim up off the floor)

Gemma: (Looks Matt in the eye.) You're so heroic; I love a man who is heroic. (Lets go of Jim and steps over to Matt and puts her arm round him)

Marie: (holds on to Matt's other arm) So do I

Camera: (Cut to Sean and Stephen)

Sean: Why didn't we carry on beating the crap out of the little shit?

Ste: (Spins round) Because, my mentally challenged friend, she is paying us and she told us to stop!

Act 1 Scene 2
Matt's House

Matt: (Doing his homework, Gemma climbs through the window and kisses Matt on the lips) Get off me you fucking slut! How the hell did you get in here?

Gemma: I'm not a fucking slut, but I wish I was fucking you Matt, you sex god!!

Matt: What the hell are you on? Not that I'm not a sex god or anything.

Gemma: I'm not on anything, but I wish I were on you!

Matt: Get out!

Gemma: You know you love me really.

Matt: No I don't I can't stand you.

Gemma: (Starts getting hysterical) You're just saying that, you want me really (Starts throwing things)

Jim: (Comes in and is hit on the head by something) What is going on in here?

Gemma: Oh Jim! Thank god you're here, Matt was hitting me because I wouldn't sleep with him.

Matt: (storming past Jim and Gemma, slams the door shut which makes
A vase fall from a shelf onto Jim's head but the door doesn't stay shut).

Jim: I'll just close this door then we can talk (goes to door)

Matt: (slams door open) you are such a bitch(slams door shut(after a few seconds slams door open)forgot my coat(slams door shut)

Act 1 Scene 3

Matt: (Sat in the park talking to Lauren)

Sean and Steven: (enter park we said we would be back to finish you! (Steven has a baseball bat Sean has a knife)

Matt: Look I don't want any trouble

Ste: Oh yeah (hits Matt in the head with a baseball bat) well we do!

Lauren: (screams and runs)

Sean: (Kicks Matt in the kidneys)

Ste: (stamps on Matts face then picks him up)

Sean: How 'bout we finish this right now (holds the knife up to Matts face then an arrow hits him in the hand)

Camera: (turn to show assassin then cut to close up and then cut back to Sean and Ste)

Ste and Sean: Let's get out of here! (Run away)

Camera: (Look towards assassin who holds something near his ear [ it is a phone but we cant see that])

Matt: (Phone rings, he answers) Hello who is it?

Assassin: I think you might be able to guess who it is. But before you say anything else I suggest you go home right now.

Matt: (looking at assassin) Who are you?

Assassin: A friend (turns off phone and makes a dramatic/ mysterious exit)

Act 2 Scene 1
Matts house

Matt: (Runs in, finds Kim and Lauren kneeling over Jim) What happened?

Lauren: You're alright!

Kim: I don't know, I just found him like this, and I found this to (hands Matt a blood stained note)

Matt: (reads note- I am going to kill Marie so we can be together! Don't try to stop me or you'll end up like Jim!) I've got to stop her! (leaves)

Act 2 Scene 2
Marie's house

Matt: (rushes into house, door has been kicked in. quickly looks round the house. Goes into Marie's room, the room is totally messed up. There are clothes everywhere e.g. crusty knickers. Matt gets his phone out and rings Marie.

Act 2 Scene 3
Wheelie bin

Marie: (her phone rings whilst she is in the wheelie bin, she answers) I don't know where I am, but I'm in a wheelie bin

Camera: [show from Marie's viewpoint] (the wheelie bin is put down and the lid is opened)

Marie: (sees a load of trees, Ste reaches in and tries to grab the phone off Marie) The forest, I'm in the forest!

Ste: (Pulls the phone off Marie and throws it away) Who was it on the phone? TELL ME!!

Marie: It was Matt! He's gonna come and... (Sean shuts the lid)

Act 3 Scene 1

Matt: (running through the woods, finds and unties Marie, takes gag off)

Marie: Look behind you!

Sean and Ste: (Attack Matt from behind)

Matt: (fight back)

Gemma: (to Marie) I'm gonna kill you bitch! (Marie and Gemma fight)

Ste and Sean: (winning)

Assassin: (comes and beats Ste and Sean arse)

Matt: (walks over to where Marie is clamping her hands around Gemma's neck. Matt drags Marie off) You will just be as bad as her if you kill her.

Gemma: (lying on the floor unconscious)

Matt: Lets take her to the hospital

Gemma: (Starts to come round)

Matt: (picks up Gemma)

Gemma: (when being picked up) You know I love you to death! (throws herself at him pinning him to the floor, raises a knife above her head) If I cant have you nobody can!

Marie: (smashes a rock over Gemma's head) Greedy cow!!! (helps Matt up)

Sean: (Gets up and appears behind Marie and Matt) You killed her you bitch, I loved her (hold up knife and gets knocked out again by assassin)

Gemma: (Gets up with blood dripping from her head)

Assassin: (turns and looks at Gemma)

Gemma: [in a cold emotionless tone] Mike

Assassin: [in same tone] Gemma (pulls out a small orb and throws it at the floor, it makes a bright flash)

Camera: (scene returns to normal but Gemma and assassin are gone)

Marie: Who was that?

Matt: A friend.