Author's note: I have yet to figure out how to upload poems without all the stanzas running together, so in this poem, they're divided by - it's all one poem, the stanzas are just cut apart, 'cause didn't want to do it…

New Crush

You sway, sway
Sexy, a stirring
Just behind the
Belt buckle, my
Belly button, directs
My eyes to your hair,
The shirt, tight white
Blouse fitting perfect
'round your slender
Frame, the ribs my
Fingers itch to tickle,
The black tank top
I wish to rid you of

Your hair in a ponytail
- short, spunky, not
Quite bouncy – strands
Fall out, fall in your
Eyes, impatient hand
Shoving them back in a
Sweetly smooth delayed
Reaction, performance
Repeat and my fingers
Jump, wish to perform
The favor for you

Later, show's over, soWe meet and yet
This goofy grin won't
Let me speak, but
You have a girl and it's
Ok, 'cause I'm
Too young,
Too naïve
for you