You're afraid of her

She's straight and to the point

And when she tells you that she loves you its no lie

No dancing round the truth

No playing with your heart

She'd die for you and you know it and it scares you

That she can feel so deeply and you wonder what that makes you

And her eyes meet yours

And she knows you question and forgives you

And this love's too much so you push her away

Leaving regrets for later when she's not there to stroke your face

But when you see her on the street and she smiles despite herself

Despite yourself you feel something breaking

'Cause you don't deserve her and you know it.

She doesn't, and still loves you.

A/N The three repeating "ands" just appeared, and I hoped that in their threeness they would cancel out the repetitiveness, but I me if I'm wrong, and I will change it.