What have you done to her?

You took away her innocence

Against her will

Her once bright beautiful eyes

Now so broken and withdrawn

She does not speak anymore

And when she does it is so soft you can barely hear her

She is slipping away

Why did you do it?

Do you enjoy seeing people suffer?

You told her you loved her

You told her you cared

She believed you!

She loved you!

Then you did the unthinkable

Were you drunk?

Were you careless?

You dumped her the next day in front of everyone and all your friends

Saying we need to see other people

How could you?

Now she is barely hanging onto life

All because of your lies

She begged you not to

She pleated out to you

Please no don't please

She cried for you to stop

But you would not

You left her there without saying a word

Soon after you broke her heart

She did not come to school ever again

Do you want to know what happened?

She killed herself because of what you did

Did you not realize how much this hurt her?

What you did was unthinkable and unforgivable

She never told you she hated you

She never mentioned it

Such a kind, beautiful angel

So silently broken

She harbored no hatred toward you

Though she should have

You felt nothing after you raped her

Maybe now that she is dead

You will finally have regrets

Just know she died

All because of you

A/n: This song is for one of my friends...