I see them all as disgusting creatures,
with their expensively manicured nails and makeup-dressed features.
Spreading lies and revealing secrets,
beings you should never put much confidence in.

Looking at the mirror's reflection I take it all in,
And I'm forced to realize that I'm one of them,
a rare worthwile type,
but still one of them.

And I wonder why chicks can't be like me.

On one hand I'm almost through with all of you, but on the other I
almost feel sorry for you,
Because I feel like I'm the only one that knows the truth.

I don't partake in betraying people, spreading lies,
or worrying about what's between my thighs like the typical bitch,
ready to give it away to hold on to the attention of the popular guy in school.

Or to hold on to that last thread of high school status where you get your 15 seconds of fame,
before the next poor girl gives in and they don't even remember your
Lets be real little girls, you're better than that.
If you would leave these idiot boys alone and get your shit on track.

When I really think about it, girls I don't blame you,
For the evil bitchy things that you do.
From all of the shit we go though we all have scars,
With the way guys break you down and try to change who you are.
You don't want to see that next girl succeed and get from him what you
think you need.
I'm the girl that typically gets what I want,
so I don't really blame you for hating me.