The Scythe-less Disco Man.

I met a man at a discotheque.

He was a tall unusually thin man, and he had dressed himself in a variety of strange clothes including purple pinstriped platform pumps, and a white suit lathered in sequins. His hair was an enormous afro dyed into a rainbow, and from his ear dangled an earring which was in the shape of a skull with fire erupting form its eyes and a snake slithering out of its fanged mouth.

I watched him from the bar as he discoed his way between the couples who danced to a slow song which was completely inappropriate for his wild disco moves.

Laughing to myself I turned to the bartender and ordered up another Bacardi just as the D.J slapped "Stayin Alive" by the Bee Gees onto the turntable.

I took a sip of the liquor, only my second drink that night, and thought about watching the disco man's laughable antics, but when I turned to search for him it was only to find him seated in the stool next to me, staring at my through his lilac sunglasses and smiling an eyrie smile which revealed several sparkling gold teeth.

"It is time to go." He said in an unnaturally monotone voice which made my skin crawl.

Thinking him a bouncer, I opened my mouth to protest, to argue that I had not had that much to drink, but before I had the chance he cut me off.

"It is nothing of that sort, for you see, it is just simply your time to go. 11:36 pm, Frank MacBryde." He read off of a clipboard which had appeared in his hands from a puff of smoke. "I understand that you don't understand," he went on, "For you were probably expecting me in different attire, but that outfit was becoming so over worn. People were beginning to recognize me when I came for them. Although it is nice to have flesh for a change, I must admit that I do miss the scythe." He rambled as he scratched my name off of his list and then vanquished the clipboard and pen in a puff of smoke.

I shook my head and quickly pushed my drink back onto the counter.

"Don't worry Mr. MacBryde, you a very near to being sober, I assure you this is not a hallucination. Everyone has their time; it is simply my job to make sure that it happens. Now on to business, for if we do not hurry I will fall behind schedule, and I am due in China very soon. So, if you don't mind please walk out through that door, step into the street and wait for the drunk driver in the red Chevrolet to round the corner. He'll be here at 11:39."