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"Oh yeah! One more week to go!" My friend Trisha Martin said happily. I nodded.

"Come on then! The faster we get to roll call, the faster the week will be over" We walked slowly to the year 11 roll call area, meeting our friends Joey, Andi and Vicki. I didn't see Nathan, Gary or Nicki anywhere.

"I bet they're outside" I muttered. My friends were suddenly looking at me strangely.

"What? I was just talking to myself"

"Ooohh sssssiiiiiiiis" A familiar voice cooed from behind me. Before I had a chance to turn around someone picked me up and swung me around, making me shriek.

"JAMES PUT ME DOOOWN!!" I heard my brother laughing behind me as he set me firmly on the ground and I turned to face him and Jack.

Before I go on, I guess I should tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Julie Smith. I'm sixteen years old and have two brothers, one being James and the other being Jack. We're actually triplets, with me being the 'youngest'. We have a sister named Sandy and a niece called Jenny. Our parents are divorced but both live close to the school so me and my brothers don't get depressed, since my brothers live with my dad. It's a triplet thing.

I have lots of friends, and I'm glad about that. Trisha Martin is a good friend. She's helpful to anyone who needs help, mostly with love advice. Another close friend of mine is Andrea, or Andi, Wilson. She's been my friend practically since we were born. She's almost like another sister to me. Victoria (Vicki) Jones is pretty close too. As well as Joey Goodman. He can make you laugh when you're really down. Gary Walker is one of Joey's friends and is a little nutso if you ask me. Nathan Mackensie is my ex, so you won't hear that much about him from me I'm afraid. Nicki (Nicola) Wells is one of the nicest girls that I've ever met. She's sweet-tempered and very pretty.

I looked over at my brothers with a fake angry look on my face. James snickered, then said "What's up with our little triplet sis?" I'm about ten minutes younger than both of my brothers and I don't think they're ever gonna let me forget it.

"You're little triplet sis is not very happy with her older triplet brothers" I said, starting to smirk.

Just then the bell went. I said goodbye to my friends and went to my roll call with my brothers. I sat next to Jack and pretended to be mad at him. He saw this and said in a half serious, half joking voice,

"What'd I do? Mess your hair up?"

I gave him a playful shove and said "I was just kidding!"


On Friday there were only a few people there, including all my friends. We've made a deal that we all come on the last days of the year and have the best fun ever. We play things like Truth or Dare, Rummy and some love games that people make up during the year. Though on this day we played an extended version of Truth or Dare. You know, Truth, Dare, Kiss or Torture?

Anyway, we met up at recess, all of us bored from our first three classes.

"How many people were in your art class?" Trisha asked me.

"About for, why?" I tossed my bag down on the grass behind the small brickwall.

"Can we please play Truth or Dare?" Renee begged. Renee Samuels is a year ten girl that hangs around with us. I don't like her that much but she's an okay friend.

"Fine, you start it" Trisha said sitting down on the wall.

"Okay! Sam, Truth or Dare?" Renee asked Sam Diego, another year ten kid that hangs around us. His only problem is that he laughs at the stupidest things.

"Hey Smith, where's your brothers" Gary asked me.

"I don't know. I don't exactly keep track of their every movements" I muttered, a little annoyed, as Renee dared Sam to ask Nicki on the cheek.

"Poor Nicki. Glad it wasn't me though" Andi whispered to me as Nicki scrunched up her face as Sam kissed her on the cheek.

Then it was Sams turn to dare someone. That someone turned out to be me, unfortunately. But I was saved by Gary and Joey splashing each other with the puddles of water on the ground (it had been raining a lot that week). Then the teacher came out and told us we could stay here for the rest of the day since there was a teachers meeting. That's where the fun began.


"All right Trish, Truth or Dare?" Same asked me since Julie hadn't said anything.

"Um... let's see…" I said, pretending to think.

"Guys, Nicki, Renee and I are just gonna go to my locker to get the cards for the love games" Vicki said and the three walked off. The others turned back to me as I said,

"Just to make things different, dare"

I saw Gary smirk. Julie smiled slightly.

"Okay, I dare you toooo… hug Nathan" Sam said. I did, then it was my turn.

"Julie, Truth or Dare?"

"Oh what the heck, dare" Julie shrugged, smiling and shocking me a little.

"Hmm, all righty then. I dare you to kiss Nathan on the cheek" As soon as I said those words I regretted them. I saw Julie and Nathan glance at each other, then look away.

But, as always, her brothers saved the day by doing some of their stupid stunts. This time they started kicking puddles of water at each other as they came up to us. Then they kicked it at Andi and Julie. They giggled and joined in, kicking water at the boys. Julie ended up falling over in a puddle. Her brothers helped her up as she giggled.

"That was sooo fun!" I looked over at Jack. He gave me a 'you understand' look. I nodded and smiled slightly. I would love to have brothers like hers. They always understand Julie.

I think it's pretty hard for them to accept their parents divorce. That's why I consider myself lucky, with my parents and little sister. I'm luckier than Julie's family. I wonder what'll happen over the summer trip we planned?


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