Breathing Smoke Prt 1 10/13/05

It hits you hard,
the first few moments,
you sway, so unsure.
He looks at you,
"Take another hit."
Your hand shakes,
so nervous,
you cant take it.
Breath in,
cough but hold on,
"Hold it, hold it" he says.
He laughs at you,
and you cannot help
but smile back.
It burns your throat,
swirls in your lungs,
leaving scars,
noone can see.
Theres a pressure,
in your head,
and it seems,
that its crushing
all the bad thoughts
and leaving
a space thats free
to fill with memories,
of this moment.
Trying to stand,
you sway,
mouth so dry,
all you can think about,
is water,
or his liquid kisses.
Music is somewhere
in the distance
and you dance
as if on clouds.
No more fear,
and you dance
not to music
but to the sound
of your heart
beating so fast.
Hands still shaking,
you let go of him,
and he steps away
and leaves you
to come down alone.