Breathing Smoke. Prt. 2

By Cassandra Freiborg10/14/05

Hands still shaking,

breathing smoke,

you hand it back,

he takes a toke.

Leaning back,

with chemicals gripping,

nothing you see,

seems to be sticking.

He laughs,

so surreal in the moment,

unlike anything you've heard,

void of all torment.

Yet his smile's not real,

and neither is yours,

his face seems so twisted,

different from before.

Its then that it hits you,

this isnt right at all,

and the drug releases you,

and you start to fall.

Breath more smoke,

forgot what you're thinking,

anything to not start,

that horrible sinking.

Will this be the last time,

can you resist the pull,

of his hands around youl;

all numb and dull?