It started with a lightswitch
From kissing to passionate coitus
From the motion in silence
To the screaming loud finale
You were born of love

I will pass down my words
Emeralds through royalty
I'll not pass my mistakes to you

A-R are you so noticeable in the crowd?
Do you sing your songs out of tune
Just to draw in the wandering flies
Well forget what we said
The train-of-thought's dead and derailed
My beautiful girl, one day you'll own the world

To my love I sacrifice
All I have, forfeit my life
I'll not pass my mistakes to you

Dizzy rooms spill all their lies on you
Drunken times, I'll never forget your name
Mother and I forever will love you
I'll never forget your name

To my girl whom owns the world
Clutch it as a marble
Enjoy your playground
Do you want the moon?
Don't leave home too soon

My daughter, still a twinkle in my eye
Just a foreshadowed thought at this time
Soon will be napping on my chest
And bathing my face and neck
Throwing fits and spagetti sauce
In time I'll clean it away with my faults

To my favorite girl not yet in the world
I'll never forget your name