Just stop breathing
This argument will end quicker that way
I dream of you cold
Not a blanket in site
Your death I do not honor
Its your happiness I wish to destroy
My motto was "Live and let live"
But its "Dog eat dog" out in the black

I said "figure out my problem
And I'll come running with your prize"
But the numbers never added up
I've cracked your code now
Now I'll guess all your moves
And prevent you from leaving

Do you know the feeling yet of suffocation?
The feeling of being locked inside your cocoon?
Knowing you need to spread your wings and fly away?
But you'll lose everything you have earned
Scars you'll forget the story of, pictures with memento meaning
And I'm coming to find out I needed to get away from you

Bets say I'm the favorite for the blame
But the scent in the room tells the unfettered truth
We both know who held the knife
We both know who gripped the bandage

Just as the race to failure commences
I lean my mouth in the way of your neck
I whisper "Its a lie, we both know who wins"
I smile as a tear rockets from your eye
And we know you'll just sit there and lie to yourself
You'll lie to your friends too; "I didn't deserve that"
But its "Dog massacre dog" out in the black