I could feel the wind blowing around me, feel it blow in my hair, around my waist, up, down, and around my arms and legs, and into my face.

My days worries flew away with the receding breeze, and for the moment, I felt I lost my mind in childish joy.

The wind pulled my hair out of their ties to fly free around my face, my loose shirt and skirt fluttered around me, the wind freely flying around me. My clothes seemed to change before my eyes to what I would love to wear, my shoes were gone and I could feel cool fresh grass under my bare feet and my body and skin seemed to change to what my inside self would look like.

I smiled in pure bliss, I had been dreaming for this all week. I had dreamed to be free as I had been as a child, free and wild out in the countryside.

I flung my arms out in the feeling of total freedom, there was nothing to stop me from doing anything, no responsibilities, no fears, nothing, just as it had been when I was a child. I run across the wide grass plain in pure happiness, I marvel at how fast I can run, how the trees and grass fly past me, and wonder if it is me who is moving or is it them?

I run and leap trying to see if you can really touch the sky, and spin on the spot to see what the sky looks like when your dizzy. I fall and roll around in the grass in fits of giggles.

I lie in the grass on my side and smell the sweet grass, feel it tickle my nose and make my skin itch. I look up into the sky and watch the clouds fly by, so graceful and calm, like they had all the time in the world. That calmness seemed to swarm me as I stood and I reached up toward the sky to reach those clouds.

I slowly floated up on my wings as I reached out to caress the soft fog of clouds, making it swirl around my fingers like smoky rings.

This was my paradise, I saw everything from up in the sky, my wings kept me flying as I swooped down gently to run my fingers through the fresh river water to leave silvery trails, and to pick pink, blue, purple, and white flowers to weave into my long wavy hair.

I sit in my seat of a strange shaped tree and watch everything. This is my place. No one can tell me any different, no one can take it from me, no one can intrude into this place either. It is untouched by man kind, this place is wild and free. And I belong here.

Slowly I feel my world fading away back to the drab, gray city streets I had been standing on.

No cool fresh breeze, just car and truck fumes.

No green fresh grass, just hard cold cement, and the sky and clouds are turned ugly by ever present smog. I look behind me, but my wings have gone as well.

I look down at myself but here I am again wearing my drab school uniform and hard painful shoes, and my figure is back to the boring self I have every day.

I sigh sadly but I smile a sad little smile as I pick up my school bag as the school bus pulls up, and I get on, my school day done. I sit down and plunk my school bag on my lap, and look out the window. I see my reflection in the glass and see my hair is a mess, all ruffled up from the sudden wind. Smiling I brush my hair down with my fingers to put my hair up again, but I find something tangled in my hair. Getting it out I find it is one of my flowers that I had put in my hair. My smile grows larger as I think of my last trip to my secret land, stroking the flower fondly, then placing it above my ear as decoration.