My Name is Daphne Madision
Chapter 13

Music could be heard pounding from inside the gymnasium through the big, heavy wooden doors. I peeped through the small glass window on the door and gulped nervously.

Almost half the school was already inside, dancing to the pumping music.

"I'm not going in." I stuttered, "I think I should just like, like er..go home!" I tried to zip past my two best friends but both of them clamped an arm on each of my shoulders.

"Oh no you don't." Stephen snickered, "You're coming right in with us."

In a flash I was pushed through the doors and entered the hall, temporarily blinded by the dazzling lights swimming around the room.

Really, what use do these lights serve anyway? It's making things difficult for non-party people like myself.

It's the school Christmas-cum-fund raising dance.

I trudged reluctantly behind Jennifer and Davis as they dragged me to a slightly quieter spot. "I'll go get us some drinks okay?" Stephen said before hurrying off to the punch table.

Jennifer flopped down on the seat beside me and inspected me closely.

"You know you look kinda good with this new hairdo and make-up." She stated plainly.

I glared at her, "You've said it for the 20th time this evening, so I think I might be slightly convinced." I snapped.

I bet she was trying to make me feel more confident about myself. Hmph.

It was really noisy in here, all the girls were either clustered in groups, giggling loudly at the cute boy passing by. Or else they'd be flirting with some other boy they could find.

A bunch of hooligans clogged up the buffet table, filling their plates to its maximum potential.

"I really don't know what I am doing here instead on staying at home and doing something constructive, like watching that new sitcom." I groaned.

"Let me just remind you that you wanted to come because Kyo said he wanted to see you at the dance, okay? Now quit whining." Jennifer sighed.

Well, I don't know.

I shouldn't really bother about what Kyo Takano says right?
He did say once that he would have liked to see me at the dance. But definitely, I'm not as crazy as to come to the dance just for him. It's incredulous.

It's insane.

"It's not like I would actually get to dance with him or anything," I mumbled, "He has the oh-so-beautiful Courtney anyway."

Jennifer grinned at me cheekily, "I smell jealously in the air." She said in her annoying sing-song voice.

REALLY. She is so irritating.

Stephen came back with punch and we sat down to chat for a while.

Seriously, I decided right there and then that such events are just a waste of time.

This is the whole analogy of thing:

If you are popular, you get to dance.

If you're not, you sit with your friends and chatter amongst yourselves or pig out by the buffet table.

See how boring these social events to get?


It was a familiar voice. A voice that made me cringe, yet for some strange reason... this voice made my heart leap a little.

Just a little, I swear.

"Hey," Kyo grinned charmingly at me, "You came!"

I hate how he has this effect on me.

"Yeah," I managed to grin back, "As you wished."

I don't know if I imagined it or what, but Kyo's face flushed a little.

Just a little.

He cleared his throat, "A dance?" He stretched his hands towards me.

My heart raced against my chest, I could feel my face burning up, my hands were cold.

I looked at both Jennifer and Stephen. Jennifer gave me a cheeky grin and pushed me towards Kyo.
Stephen had a constipated look on this face, but gave me a thumbs up sign. I looked at Kyo again, his hands still outstretched.

I took his hand and he led me to the middle of the dance floor.

Many people stopped to stare at us.

I mean come on, I bet we looked strange. Why is the school's hottest guy dancing with the ultimate nerd and loser?

The constant whispers made me uncomfortable, and perhaps Kyo noticed this.

He gave my hand a reassuring squeeze. "Ignore em'." He whispered into my ear.

"Where's Courtney?" I whispered.

"I got rid of her. I only saw her for the first five minutes and she went on about her nails, her hair, and how tomato sauce can potentially destroy and weaken hair growth or something like that." He sighed.

He took my hands and placed them over his shoulders, then he very gently, place his hands on my waist.

I felt myself stiffen instantly but he softly coaxed me, "Relax Daphne, just follow me." I loosened considerably and tried my best to ignore the stares and glares from the jealous bimbos. (HA. They're jealous!)

The music came on, it was a slow piece.

Kyo guided a complete beginner like myself to dancing.

The whispering gradually subsided and I began to feel much more at ease.

But still, it's Kyo Takano right, so how at ease can I be?

Towards the end of the song, Kyo pulled me close to him.

Almost like an embrace.

My heart rate shot up 10 times and I tried to push him away.

Note: I tried.

Kyo just held me even tighter, " Stop squirming Daphne," He said in a half-annoyed voice.

"Just let me hold like that for once, okay?"

I'm certain now he didn't sound that annoyed.

I relaxed, and let him tightened a somewhat possessive hold on me.

But my heart didn't. It was still beating wildly, my face was burning.

He couldn't see my face though, because he had it against his chest.

Then I had the most shocking, heart-breaking revelation ever.

I realized that this was something dangerous, something deadly.

Something that was hard to escape from.

I realized that this was called : Falling in Love.

"Who wants to be famous?" Ms Felyna asked.

Everyone stared at her blankly.

"No seriously, I really want to know who really wants to be famous." She insisted.

A few people whispered amongst themselves. But nobody raised their hands.

I raised mine, "I do!" I called out.

Kyo sniggered. I glared at him.

"What?" I snapped at the boy sitting beside me, "What's wrong with wanting to be famous?"

"Yeah! What's wrong with wanting to be famous?" Ms Felyna nodded in approval. "At least Daphne is true to herself and can admit proudly that this is her dream."

Haha. She's praising me!

A few more people raised their hands timidly. Kyo looked around the room and starting sniggering again.

"Alright!" He stated loudly and stood up, "I want to be famous too. I want to be whatever Daphne wants to be." He stuck out his tongue playfully at me.

Argh. I can't believe he's mocking me.

I kicked him under the desk and shifted my attention back to Ms Felyna.

"Anyway," she continued, "I've got the greatest opportunity any of you could ever get."

"As you all should be aware, the annual Drama Festival is coming up."

I swear everyone in the room straightened our backs 2-3 inches.

"Oh I know," Christina shouted excitedly, "We're going to go watch the performances!" The class twittered excitedly.

"Something like that," Ms Felyna grinned. "But perhaps even better. We're going to put up a performance. Then we'll see which lucky ducklings get talent spotted."

Okay so do you know what this means?

The National Drama Festival is just about the most important event for… well, for people like us.
And all the big names in film, movies, the directors and all will be coming down for this event!

I wasn't the only one excited.

Everyone was excited!

So maybe, just maybe, this might mark the beginning of a change in my life.
I hope.


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