Aren't you happy now?

I put on my plastic smile,

The name brand clothes,

And all that mascara.

I hope it shows.

I've got the rosy cheeks

And the tan complexion.

Is this good enough yet?

I thought I was set.

I'll try the manicured nails

And curl my hair.

I've got the strong fragrance

And breath mints to share.

I've waxed my legs

And my eyebrows too.

Is this still not enough for you?

I'll fake a laugh

And bat my eyes,

Put on that lip gloss

And suffocate the cries.

I'm playing the part,

If you couldn't tell.

Am I done living

In this world I call hell?

You all think I'm too different,

But was that so bad?

Now I look just like you.

Does it even make you sad?

But you still don't acknowledge

Or notice or care.

I know it's a bit more

Than what I choose to wear.

But I'm trying, I promise,

And I'm sure one day soon

I'll have completed the transformation

Into something like you.