Chapter 1: Haunting Dreams

The silver moon rose high in the nighttime sky. As a cooling breeze swept through the land, it flew over the mountains and grazed over grassy lands. It continued its journey through the world, looking for a place to stop and finally rest a last. Then, it will be created again; to roam the earth for its journey to end and rest, before coming anew once more.

The breeze past through an old dragon craved gate. It faintly came through an open window, ruffling the window curtains. The breeze danced around the floor as it rose, it lightly climbed into a young girl's bed. The breeze gentle kissed the young girl's warm cheek, as it gently rested over her. For it's journey finally ended, at last.

The brown haired girl tossed and turned in her sleep. For something in her dream saddened her heart and brought tears to her sleepy eyes.

" Goodbye Kiea. I'll be home soon. I promise." The young women said as she waved goodbye and started to walk down the hill.

" Goodbye mommy. I love you!" The little browned hair girl shouted.

" I love you too! Always remember Kiea that I'll always be there for you. If I'm not there in person, then I'll be there for you in spirit." She shouted back. She waved once more, and was gone.

Salty tears ran down the little girl's face, as she clutched her father's pant leg. The sun peeked through a crack between the mountains, as the girl gazed at the place where her mother was once; but was there no more...

The brown hair girl sat up in her bed with a start. She looked around the dimly lit room, not knowing where she was for a moment. She slowly pulled the sheets off of herself and got out of her warm bed. Her bare feet touched the icy, cold stone floor as she walked over to the window. A slight breeze ruffled her hair as she gazed out over the Training Grounds. She let out a small sigh, and her blue eyes gazed up at the starry sky.

" Why is my past haunting me in my dreams?" She thought to herself. " I thought that I had forgotten my lonely past, along with my forgotten sorrows and sadness of not having a family. But why are they coming back to me now, of all times? Why am I remembering my forgotten memories? Why?" She pondered these questions as she slipped back into her warm, cozy bed.

She closed her eyes as she tried to sleep through the hours to dawn. Sleep never came to her as she tossed and turned. She opened her eyes once more to nothing but only cold and darkness floating through the air.

She felt scared and all alone in the big, empty world. She wanted to be with someone, someone to talk to and comfort her. None of her friends would want to listen to her talk about her feelings, of being all alone in the world.

" Besides, everyone's asleep. No one would listen anyway, they would be to busy sleeping." She thought sourly to herself. " Well, I can't really blame them. They don't know anything bout my past."

She huddled against the coldness that was coming in through the window, as she pondered about her thoughts.

" If I can't talk to my friends, then who can I talk to?" A smile spread across the young girl's face. " Aiteras! Why didn't I think of him before."

She jumped out of the bed and happily skipped to the big, oak door that loamed over her. She gently grasped the handle and pulled the door open slowly, to make sure the door didn't creak. She peeked her head out and into the dark corridor. She looked both ways to make sure that nobody was around, as she quickly stepped out into the hallway and pulled the door shut. There was a thud and then a click as the door closed. The sound echoed though out the empty hallways and corridors. She froze still and held her breath, as she waited to see if anybody heard it. When nobody came, she relaxed and let out a sigh of relief. She glanced at the cursed door and stomped her foot in bitter anger.

"How could I be so stupid? I locked myself out." She scowled at herself for doing such a stupid thing. She then shrugged it off, as she happily skipped down the corridor.

She started to slowly disappear from sight as the black, darkness of the night consumed her body.