No more can they handle the things that we say

The unprovoked torture they endure every day.

Hating our classmates is "innocent fun"

We'll never be haunted by the things that we've done

NERDS! FAGGOTS! LOSERS! We think it's a game

But when these people strike back they'll remember your name.

As the panicked, afraid, distraught students run

From the hated kid who came into school with a gun.

As you plead for mercy they'll hardly think twice

Recalling your insults, they're colder than ice.

We thought none of how we had caused so much pain

Our discrimination had slowly driven them insane.

But now it's too late, as the innocent die

If we could, we'd go back in the blink of an eye.

With compassion, this kid could have easily been saved

But we chose the ignorant path hatred paved.

We just didn't listen, we just didn't care

And we're being punished in the way they find fair.

So ask yourself tonight if you don't already know

If this happened tomorrow…would they let you go?